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Hi all how are you?

Visiting The beautiful Country side, and City of Bath

Yesterday I spent most of the day in the car with my dad, first we saw Hayley off on her holiday, she didn’t really pack that much but had her snaky food she is allowed with her

She got a bit upset when my brother asked how much she was bringing with her proceeded to take it back into the garden, thought she was going to have a bit of meltdown but we managed to stop it happening.

Then it was time for me and dad to start our journey to Bath to visit my mum in hospital, I drove the first half on way thier after stopping for a break dad took over driving.

Road works on the motorway and traffic saw us crawling along for most of the first part, the lovely M23, M25 and m4

The views were amazing once we got past the worst of road works and into the country side getting Photo,s from a passenger seat in a moving car, not so easy every time I saw the most beautiful view, and my cameras delay in taking the shot a bush appeared and blocked the view still I got a few shots.

M4 view from a car window

unfortunately the best I could get, they really don’t show it the way I saw it I thier really wasn’t any time or great spots to stop and get a great shot .

Was lovely spending time with both my mum and dad one on one, can I even say it was one on one when thier were three of us, normally thier are more family with us at get together’s but I guess I mean just my parents and me . I don’t want to share a photo of my mum in hospital as that is not fair to her so I will share a photo of the last time she was down and we all had a night out together.

My Mum Dad,Hayley my Niki and niece Bex

Then we hit the city of Bath, dad making a wrong turn but the shots I got of the buildings, a lot of history in them walls. for everyone in another Country reading this that haven’t heard of it before, here is a little of Bath history.

Bath is the largest City in the county of Somerset, in England. Known for it’s Roman-built baths. in 2011 it’s population was 88,859. Bath is in the Valley of the River of Avon. 97 miles west of London and 11 miles south-east of Bristol, The city became a world heritage site in 1987.

This quote and info was on wiki , I though it might be nice to add some facts to go with the photo’s I took.

Beautiful City of Bath

There is a stunning beauty in the detail of the stone buildings the quaint little shops, lots of hills, I bet clutches go on cars pretty quick here, I know mine wouldn’t last long. They have this amazing park right near the hospital that I know my kids would have loved. defiantly a place i would want to go for a short brake just to take some photo’s of. Unfortunately had a long drive back home. I can truly see why this part of the country captivated my mum enough for her to move up that way me and my dad both saw what she saw the beauty of being surrounded by country side .

One more photo an authors perspective always on the look out for book shop’s

The ride Home dad drove the first half , we stopped for a break half way then I drove most of the second half home, dad made a decision to pull off before we got to the road works of the motorway, Guess what I took the wrong turn we ended up on this pitch black country lane the sat nav went all nutty and just wanted to u-turn when thier was no turn off , we managed to get to a main road and I pulled over to let dad drive the rest of the way home , sat nav still being stupid, I told him what my hubby always told me if you get lost just keep going straight ahead it worked a treat taking us to Reigate Hill some where he new the way home so all in all only 2 mistakes one each. We got back about 10.30 pm. I dropped my dad off at the pub and came home to my little family for once Jake was already asleep. they had some time in town with thier dad, no bank account opened for Niki but an appointment for Monday. I guess I didn’t get out of that one in the end.

Today , I woke up in an awesome mood, then I open the mail, lets just say tax credit nightmare. what a crappy way to start the day, followed by piles of ironing. Give me beautiful views any day.

That`s all for today, have a beautiful night and great day tomorrow.

Much love Faye xx