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Hi all how are you today?

What a exciting day here, I will get to the book news in a moment.

The night out was awsome I feel so relaxed and refreshed today, had a bit of a fluffy start to the day, first they forgot to tell me we were on emergency electric and they pulled the key out. So was a bit of a mad dash to shops to top it up, then I could find where I put the car keys, so had to run and get it done before kids woke up.

Thankfully I made it back before they did oh and then I remembered where I put the keys, that’s me super fluffy at times.๐Ÿ˜

My dad popped in for a cuppa and to bring Hayley’s overnight bag night shift tonight.

Just as he was leaving to my surprise the first copy of my book arrived with my publishing imprint, I actually jumped up and down in excitement.

Not long now the countdown to re-release is looming ever closer as the days go by. A year of hard work finally right there in my hands.

Paperback and soon Ebook

Jake was so happy that one mistake in the origanal that bothered him now corrected, ‘not my little’, but ‘my little pony’ was his favorite thing at the time.

Special interests of the kids and our family add the personal element to the book and have become a massive part of life and Thier new found love of education.

The thing is our story is just one of thousands of not hundreds of thousands of family stories with autism.

Each family and persons perspective different . But sharing we build up a better understanding of how indevidual each person who are autistic are definatley not one size fits all.

Even in our family with more then one who is autistic we see how they are different yes something’s are the same but Thier emotions and perspectives are unique to them.

It was important to us as a family too really understand Thier diagnosis but to also just get back to focussing on being just a family again and getting the support in place. Learning to enjoy life and bringing the fun back has had a major impact on how we all act, with regards to emotions.

For the kids it’s hard sometimes for us parents it’s hard. But we are learning growing and thriving would we be at this point without writing the book I like to think so but it was a big step in taking back control of our lives and standing up for ours selves.

Many times they said my kids lacked resilience but I think they got it wrong because here they are years later bouncing back more confident in Thier selves more willing and able to learn. Something’s still more challenging then others but we are her laughing sharing talking more and more each day.

The kids are learning to speak up for themselves they are even trying to explain to others how they are personally affected by Thier anxieties.

It’s about showing families they matter regardless of the words on paper. Empowering them to really take control back. To trust in themselves .

I don’t have all the answers maybe I still have so much more to learn myself, what I do have is what made things easier for us some tips that might just help someone or another family.

When I was at school I always wanted to be a social worker when I grew up, and in away much of my work as a carer is kind of like that without all the complications of going through one department to another, I am Thier hands on helping I really wouldn’t want it any other way.

That’s is it for book news for today, the countdown begins but if you look on my author page on Amazon the book is Thier ready for pre-order

Second edition by

booksElf publishing.

The count down begins it will be showing up more online between now and the release date both in paperback and ebook.

As to the rest of the day it was pretty normal for a Friday bills , shopping and a trio to get my puncture sorted.

It was the driver side on front developed a slow puncture .

Imaging my surprise and confused look when they took off the back tyre instead they are all pretty new tyres any way, turns out the back one had a huge nail in it but it was repairable . And the front tyre only needed some sealing round the rim. So almost quickly sorted I just made it to rent office before it closed.

Next big thing for car coming up is oil change and not fingers crossed it will pass first time we are trying to get all the things changed and ready.

Night shift with Hayley tonight she was just as excited when she saw the book.

Much love Faye XX

May your dreams be peaceful and your weekend beautiful.