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Today has been for relaxing , just enjoying my hubby’s hard work


what can I say both were amazing shifts we had so much fun.

Me and Hayley before she went home Saturday

My little Tommy and Holly

It was going to be just Tom coming on Saturday but about an hour before I got this cool from little Holly, please can i come too i want to have some crazy fun with you, is that ok how can you say no to that she sounded so very excited at the thought of coming too. she likes my style fun, fun, oh and more Fun. This week I had them at my house Niki and Jake wanted to spend time with them too.

They arrived just before five, I was just cooking my hubby and myself our stake dinner Niki and Jake had already eaten theirs. Tom already fed and in his Pj’s , Holly wanting some

Dinner she loves her salade and veg and fruit , tom sat with Niki in the front room while I finished eating

NIki had tom sitting up next to her in the middle pic, they get on so well.

After time for Fun,Tom was pretending to hide from me behind the pillow.

Tom uses his eyes to communicate a lot they are always so bright and expressive .

Next I asked them who wanted to go to park TOM put his had up and squealed with delight , Holly was jumping up and down saying me and Jake his shoes were on before I could say lets go.

Because Tom is wheel chair bound it is hard to find places so he can join in with the other kids, it isn’t nice for him to sit and watch everyone have fun, that’s the good thing about where I live the park has been adapted for wheel chairs users which I am thankful for. I will share a video of why further in the post, but for now here is our little park trip in photo’s

we were going to use the wheel chair access swing but it was locked not sure where you are supposed to get a key from to make it truly accessable so we had to make do with the lay down swing for Tom he couldn’t go on it for long though even with a blanket a bit hard for his back. but still we were their , Tom is growing so tall now won’t be able to lift without hoists soon

He has shot up in height now, maybe because he is actually 10 years old now. I started working with him when he was 2 eight years have gone by so quickly.

He enjoyed it

AS you can see from the pictures above they have a wheel chair access roundabout too. I will upload the video to my media wont let me add it here.

Now how to get kids that are having fun out of the park with no melt downs Trip to the SWEETIE SHOP, on the way the floor became lava again as it normally does when i have the kids , a fun way to make sure they don’t go to far ahead so you can catch up to them.

They stayed their for a minute till me and Tom caught up to them

WE arrived at the shops but before we even got near the sweetie shop the kids spotted the cake’s in the window of the Local cake box shop sweeties forgotten for a moment.

Holly enthusiastically jumping up and down at the very thought of the fruit on top of the cake she wasn’t bothered about the cake just the fruit, Tom on the other hand focused solely on the CHOCOLATE Sunday cake. Jake is to much of a selective eater to even consider wanting one the guy behind the counter exciting them more by blowing up ballons .

May I say what a very nice gentleman he was insisted the cakes were on them and wouldn’t let me pay, So 2 balloons and 2 cakes made their way home with the kids. I will say this though a big thanks too cake box you made their little day, your act of kindness didn’t go unnoticed by the kids

They will forever remember it and wanted to do something nice themselves so the money they didn’t take the kids put in the charity box of the lady dressed as a penguin in our local co-op shop who was collecting money for Alzheimer’s charity. the walk home was pretty quick they wanted to tuck into the cakes.

Holly gave Niki the cake minus the cream and fruit top.

Jake and holly playing in the garden together while i gave Tom his Medicines and changed him.

Jake teaching Holly how to spin a bo staff

NIki helped to bath, Holly while I sorted Tom out for bed, after Holly came to join us for a short movie before they both fell asleep.

Movie time, Jake and Niki busy doing thier own thing

They slept till about 8 Am. then it was Tom up first dressed and Medicines, Milkshake and he choose porridge for Breakfast he ate pretty well, although he does have a peg in his tummy for food and fluids and for when he doesn’t want to eat we can top up his special milk shake. he did also need his inhaler a little wheezy when he wakes up helps him bring up the stuff off his chest so eating is easier for him.

Holly and my hubby wanted bacon sandwich, for their breakfast, Niki and Jake were sleeping in like most teens on a weekend. no seizures from Tom so that was good. after all the breakfast stuff was cleared Holly my hubby Tom and me sat in the Garden for my morning coffee , they were so content.

He was happy and relaxed sitting out side

just before his mum and dad came too pick them up tom was weight training using the balloons he got the day before his grip is getting so strong now he has a lot more control of his arms now then he used to have, before his head turned in the opposite direction to the arm he wanted to use, their is a multiple team of us fab carers school workers parents and grandparents focused on helping TOM, he is a special young boy.


Tom and holly left My hubby got on with the Garden me Nik and Jake worked together on his school cover a folder for maths home work, Jake wanted to do a sea theme as he has made a change to what he wants to be from a marine biologist to a marine rescue worker we spent the best part of the day collecting and working together he was saying how much it reminded him of the projects we worked on together before it made him happy Niki helped to.

They did a pretty awesome Job great team work

My hubby finished the front Garden replacing the dead flowers with fresh ones boy it looks and smells lovely as you walk up the path now so welcoming.

Just have to grow a little now

I forgot to say the elves joined in again both Tom and holly are fond of them

Look at TOMS grip His holding EMO tight

Talking about Emo, lets talk about the book

‘Emo the Emotional Elf’

Friday I got the email the proof copies to be approved before it goes back to the printer , I checked and double checked , then got my hubby to check too

About 30 minutes later I got an email saying HAPPY BOOK BIRTHDAY .

SO happy it is all back to where it is supposed to be only this time with an e-book version too. So the official release date is 8 th of August just please remember if your getting it , the ISBN numbers are all changed, I am really hoping this time it gets the chance to be read and reviewed, and read by families. while thier are many autistic families out thier this is purely just our families stories everyone has different perspectives and feelings depending on so many different things. It helps to show hope and care and love.

Much love Faye xx