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Hi all How has your day been today?

Another amazing day here,

Big advice Wrap presents before hiding them

Yes thats my only downfall i am completely forgetful sometimes, I hid the presents in the car what i didn’t expect was Josh wanting to come to shops with me this morning .

what did he do the ever helpful Josh lifted the heavy bags of shopping to put in the boot of the car for me i was standing there next to him I completely forgot they were in there, still he only glimpsed one and pretended he didn’t see it.

The slightly smiley face tells me i may have made the right gift choise on one of them.

I forgot the cake

Trying to get him to allow me to buy him a birthday cake was a pain. he did let me get him a small one in the end chocolate flavour so little Jake would eat a piece too.


Today Hayley and Dad came to dinner with us and we celebrated Josh’s birthday early, my husband cooked a beautiful roast, while helped him with the cleaning and preparation playing host and getting drinks for every one.

Granddad, Josh and Hayley had sports on thier minds specifically the Grand Prix the cheering that came from the other room especially from Hayley was great to here Niki and Jake joining in from time to time, but also relaxed enough to do thier own little routines and things. Was such a peaceful day.

Dinner was a success plates were emptied even Niki and Jake’s and thier own interpretations of Sunday dinner.

They went back to watching sports, this time Cricket, i went int they were cheering and sitting on the edge of thier seats. Niki and Jake disappearing into thier own little oasis Their rooms. my hubby disappearing for a tiny food induced Nap. while i prepared the cake and desserts.


Apple Pie, Bread pudding, custard and cream lots to choose from

Eyes bigger then your belly, so full tonight

Still a fantastic day was had by all , Granddad and hayley going home via the pub thier is probably a band Hayley wanted to see .

I will say goodnight for now just the table to set with presents and then a good night sleep, early start tomorrow so Jake can see his brother open his present’s before he goes to school.

much love Faye xx