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Hi all how are you today?

Where do I start today’s blog?

It has been a few 1st Edition copies out Thier,If you would like a copy be sure to visit Amazon it has a slight reduction of price at the moment. Especially the UK site.

Here is the link 😀❤️


We have the expected release date for the release of the copy with my own publisher name.

5th August 2019

A couple of edits were made to the book and it will look exactly the same as the book as it was first published.

So exciting it was this time last year the book started showing up with its online presence.

For authors an exciting time, this stage of the process should take about 14 days, that’s why we put the date August the 5th 2019, just to cover us for any last minute hold ups.We really pinpointed all the meta data into the uploading process, the thing is now I have actually been to a few book signings and met other authors it really has been Thier input and support and value, the lovely Katherine and Sue made me see the target audience more clearly, but also my hubby did most of the adjustments that were needed and computer things , I am still learning the basics in most of these. He has also helped around the house, done the garden and on many occasions cooked my dinner.I will say though when the book is live again the ISBN numbers will change,

Just a few more things to do on Title editor and up load the cover 😀It took a while but I am ok with that.

But today this is what made me Happy.


As you can see it was alot of fun ❤️Ellie is the birthday Girl 12 today if anyone deserves a special day.

In my break I picked up my oldest son from train station so good to see him.Jake and Niki were happy to see him.

My boys , I see Jake in this photo and just how tall he is getting.These guys have been together all day.

Joshua chased his brother, so sweet together.

Niki talking to , her Tom

And showing off her in Disney princess.

I popped out got all Josh’s presents ready for his birthday Monday.The rest of the day we have been relaxing listening to the blues while deweeding the garden.We also got to eat in our newly refreshed eating area

This is how our weekend has gone so far😀

Have a beautiful night

much love Faye xx