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Hi all how are you?

Learning and developing

You will probally see a few changes happening over my blogs just because I am learning how to develope them more as I go along, I am really rather proud of myself for developing a much better understanding of Tec.

I do have one question though what do you find the best editing tools to add too your WordPress ? as I find the same text all the time a little dull,

There are so many in the plugins to choose from I want something not to complicated that can help with spelling and punctuation prompts.

I learn better this way.๐Ÿ˜€

What other plugins do you use that you find helps with your site?

I value other more experienced bloggers advise.

Do you always look for ways and change things around to keep it fresh for your audiences?

This blog is the one thing I have done all myself, I really enjoy it a work in progress a bit like me.

Like a book you develope as a writer

You start one step at a time and make many edits till you have a book get published then become and author.

As your journey goes forward it makes you think of other areas you want to push and change about yourself writing a self help book really makes you go deep in your heart and mind.

I don’t just want to become a author of one book I have many books inside my head, a business that I will grow along the way each new day I set myself challenges, I watch videos I learn.

My new gadget arrived my card reader for taking card payments at book events lovely little thing easy to set up and I am sure it will make sales so much easier for me. Plus it has an app that will send receipts either but email or message.

It arrived very quickly so top service.

I want to thank my lovely new author friend Sue for her advise and help with this, she did the research on this as she wanted one, she was so kind to share that price of information, It gets so very busy here sometimes.


What can I say he did it went to sports

Day at school with the rest of the school, lots of crowds and noises being slightly difficult thing for him.

I want to say though the school was amazing for putting on an alternative sports day for students In the social communications unit this is a massive step towards being enclusive for all, many students find sports day very hard for the same reason Jake does and would normally be given or take the day off.

Jake actually managed the whole day at school and most of the day watching his peers, over at the local leisure center he only returned to the base three quarters of the way through this is a huge positive๐Ÿ’—


Niki is on the last few weeks of her childcare placement and although college is finnished for her till September she is really enjoying having something to do a couple of mornings a week.

Her Tom visiting soon then she will be going camping with him and his family again she loves this little brake with them.


It is my Joshua’s birthday in July so looking forward to him being here for that, although I have the hard job of wandering what to get him this year, he is no help with ideas,๐Ÿค”

I might have to think really hard about this.


What can I say she will be in hospital for a while yet but finally this weekend I am getting to visit , tommorrow with my older brother and niece, then Sunday with my dad , Hayley and my younger brother.

I am prepared and have everything that she needs ready to take only a woman can know what another woman needs, I don’t mean that in a bad way against men just that something is ladies are good at knowing stuff that’s needed.

I am glad my mum’s partner has been visiting her regually while we are sorting out things this end for the kids.

My hubby’s getting to chill with them he may even take them to see the new toy story at the cinema he is going to make a choise about that tomorrow.

I can’t wait to see my mum and give her a big hug.

She is one very special lady to many people.


It is hard for her she doesn’t really understand what’s going on other than mum is in hospital and staying while doctors find the right medicines.

I thought I would make her laugh tonight we got a new kids book to read together called I Need a new bum.

Silly funny and a bit naughty,

Our grandfather always told us off when we were young and said bum.

A big no no word ๐Ÿ˜‚

Oh the memories of our lovely Pickle’s and Nanu. Such wonderful sweet grandparents, always there to talk to and give advise. They definatley taught you to be respectful and use our manners.โค๏ธ

My hubby has worked so very hard on our garden

Jazzing up our out door dinning area,

Going bold with colour ,I love it life’s to short for plain colours.

It enhances our large garden, a standout feature braking up the green.

He rebuilt the boxes around the trees at the back

Still have alot To do but the time consuming work is now completed.

I am doing finnishing touches to the front garden it is just waiting for the plants to growore now

I found the perfect memorial for my daughter Amy, and so very relivant to being an author 2 children reading a book.

I saw it In the shops weeks ago picked it up many times before putting it back again but with it being her birthday the other day it just felt the right time and right thing.

A dedication is also I Emo the Emotional Elf along with dedications to all those we have lost to. I think personally for me this was the most important part of our non fiction book, a way to remember people fondly for who they were and not the reason they passed away.

Any way have a beautiful night.

Much love Faye XX ๐Ÿ’—