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Hi all how has your day been?

It has been relaxing here, Niki went out with her cousin aunt and grandad to local kareokee she had a lovely time Jake and my hubby pottered around the house and garden.

While I attended the ladies tea afternoon organised by our lovely neighbour Sue she has run this charity event for a while now it raises money for local at Catherine’s hospice who are a vital service to our local community.

We gather together once a year for tea, sandwiches and cakes and of course the raffle which raises the money, the local kids dress in black and white to serve they did such an amazing job especially little Edie , she already was doing her own little charity event in the morning. Such a sweet compassionate girl.

I love these events because it is great seeing everyone just sitting relaxing and chatting it’s a shame sue herself didn’t stop for a moment she deserves a break herself. The time effort and detail she puts into this event and privously a summer party is just awsome. The parties were the place to be kids running around adults joining In the races while the kids laughed from the side lines. All these events over the years raised alot of money.

I guess I live in a generous community that likes to help those around them.

Years ago communities got together , rallied round and helped each other, how times have changed but there is still some great people put Thier that have that community family feel.

So a big thank you to Sue and everyone who helped you are amazing ๐Ÿ˜€โค๏ธ

My mum

Mum sounded so much better on the phone today, and while there is a way to go before her release from hospital

She realises what is best for her is to be there, I just wish the food was better for her.

I am trying to learn more Greek at the moment finding the understanding and writing a bit easier than the speaking but then I still get tounge tyed speaking in English and I was born here ๐Ÿ˜‚

My garden is looking so nice the eating area nearly finnished one bit at a time. It will take as long as it takes be worth it in the end.

Jake has school tomorrow and some tests coming up, he was mentioning them today, I was a little concerned the other day when he said he was worried about them saying he can’t go to his quite place for his tests anymore they haven’t told me yet so going to try and see if he understood them correctly because he has provisions in His Ehcp for doing exams in a quite place, because of his anxiety. And although he is coping better In Lessons he is worried about having panic attacks in exams and everyone seeing it, which in turn increases his anxiety because he is thinking about it. Other than his parents evening and one email I haven’t heard from the Sen team at all I don’t even know who is keyworker is . Communication is still not so forth coming from school these days.

Anyway have a good night

Much love Faye xx