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Hi all how are you doing today?

It has been a lovely day here.

The morning started excellently here very early 6.30am this time is so peaceful the birds chirping away the first sip of your morning coffee the company of your other half.

The kids still fast asleep having had a fun filled night before.๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ’—

Tranquil, calm, my hubby started early with his pottering in the garden,

I am so thankful to have him i am not a person that needs big gestures or fancy things, I am more of tiny details type of person things that just fall into place when they are needed, we kind of get each other Instictively. Sometimes words aren’t even needed to know what the other person wants or needs. I am loving my hubby’s creative flare it reminds me of when we did the kids bedrooms they have always been themed to there special interests in away that captures there imagination. It makes learning so much more ingadging and interesting for them through different stages of Thier development.

You start off with the basics the more you move along with the project the more inspired you get to do more.

The kids woke at about 9 little Holly first wanting her breakfast we were like a diner taking orders today cereal, full English, boiled egg and soldiers, and of course Jake’s new favorite food pancakes.

Ellie came down second she wanted to help with cooking and gave her ow. Ideas on adding garilc and onions and mushrooms to the pan before adding bacon,

She even chopped them while I ran a bath for Holly, Niki was the one who wanted eggs and Soldiers.

Jake followed shortly after and wanted to cook his own pancakes

The girls not wanting to go without pancakes had one each second helping, Ellie made me laugh last night she said “I love your fridge it’s always full , I love cooking”


Then lots of playing In The garden before mum and dad came to pick Holly and Ellie up we did miss little Tom this week he is in respite for weekend.

Holly went home wearing her unicorn head ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Lots to do today as I had the girls earlier yesterday didn’t get time to go food shopping so went today instead timed it just right so I could take my dad to do his as well.

When I got home my hubby and Jake came out and came out to carry the shopping in for me I love how Jake likes to copy his dad helping, I not sure who wants to show they can carry many bags at once but kind of cute to watch ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚

Finnished putting away then I got this little message pop up saying mum can we go to town , yep that’s my Niki she wanted a new outfit for her new cosplay characters though we came home with a few new dresses each.

She goes away on holiday soon so needed some new ones, I just like the colour of a couple of them so bit of an impulse buy today.

Then to relax before cooking dinner the music playing the sun shining watching my hubby make new surrounds to go with the eating area, and painting fences , it isn’t as dull as it sounds I love watching him work.๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ’—

He so deserved the rib eye stake and chip dinner.

The rest of the evening is just relaxing.

My mum is still In Hospital, they are looking after her Thier are just 2 things they can do better that food and emptying pans.

I always wonder why they don’t seem to think about patients with food allergies or my mum is diabetic plus has diverticular they keep bringing her cheese sandwiches she can’t eat them. Toast and ice-cream not the best thing to eat every day.

Still now her fellow can visit he can bring her food she can eat.

I really think hospital food needs a shake up too carter for all eating issues,

Plus toilet emptying is way to long, and slightly undignified for patience .

But these are the details that

get left out because of funding issues.

But other than that great care and she is staying in so that is good for her right now.

Good night sleep well

Much love Faye xx