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Hi all how was your day?

Here it was such beautiful sunny weather. My Lillie’s have opened too show the most beautiful yellow flowers, Match not only my top but the sunny day, it wasn’t plannedatching the flowers just felt like the day to wear yellow πŸ’—πŸ˜€β˜€οΈ

After getting more supply’s to continue finnishing our Garden and finding more little jobs to add to the list, my hubby got on with the hard work he is still using both the hose and the speaker we got him for father’s Day glad I thought of something different this year.

Here he is pottering with the wood and wood stain

Can’t wait to see it all finnished now the weather has changed we might even Finnish by the end of next week.πŸ˜€

Life for us here is a bit of a juggling act 🀹 it is fast moving changing moment to moment but I think that is good no time for complacency just adapt and move on.

Dad popped over this morning so I dropped him where he wanted to go after, it was picking Niki up from her placement feeding everyone lunch,

The next task picking up a spare mattress as the girls were staying with us tonight. Picking Jake up from school and getting home before the girls arrived.

they were all happy to see each other Jake and Niki loved having them here .

I decided to do something with them outside of the house to where off all the energy from spending a week at school, a trio too the mega Toy store


We took a long walk the girls and me too start with Jake didn’t want too come then half way Thier my hubby phoned and said Jake changed his mind he met us where we were, was lovely to see the kids outside having fun with each other including my kids they are normally fond of staying home.

Here they are all walking together

Thier quick response when I randomly said the floor is Lava

The Toy shop was a big hit with them all , they were all very calm untill we got to the noisy section then they had to touch the bike horn first Niki, then Jake , then Holly Γ nd Ellie they can never manage not to be drawn to noisy toys you would think because they have sensory issue with noise they would avoid them, but know the urge was to hard to resist πŸ˜€πŸ’—πŸ˜‚

They all choose something but Jake he wouldn’t choose a treat to busy looking at prices he likes to save his money does our Jake.

This was one Toy some one didn’t want to leave without. Unicorn Head .

If you cant beat them, join them that’s the moto of the day πŸ˜‚ it least I made the other mums in the park laugh funny thing is one of them happened to be someone I went to school with she said “only you” so I proceeded to dance in broad daylight guess I am still the same amount of food as I was at school 😁😁😁

Then home time to make dinner and paint the art things we got from the shop.

Holly Happily walking into garden to show my hubby her new Unicorn head the music still playing she came dancing in.

Here they are getting creative ❀️

Here is Thier finnished work


ake then went and played in the garden with them,

Lots of excersize plus a.food amount of time In the sunshine.

Time to settle down Holly having a bath she called me into the room to wash her hair for her, then snuggled on the bed to watch movie the older version of beauty and the beast.

She loved this one on one while Jake an

Niki Jake an Ellie were busy with other thing she was talking about her football and how she needs a back and foot massage so she is ready for her football,

Have you every tired to massage a kids foot who is ticklish πŸ˜‚ she was laughing so much.

She then went straight too sleep.

Ellie came to join us .

This was fun day

Much love Faye XX πŸ’—