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Hi all how are you tonight?

My Mum

Been a good day mum is settled I. Hospital for a few days longer MRI to have and tablet changes, she has been pretty good this time and is doing as she is told πŸ˜€ she has always hated being admitted and doesn’t like people doing things for her she isn’t giving up any independance without a fight. “Thats my Mum” and it is important to her.

She won’t let me visit thinks it is to far for me to go for the visiting times allowed. So I guess I have to accept that πŸ˜’πŸ˜€

My book

I heard from liquidators, still not dissolved the company yet, they weren’t phoning to update just returning my call from about a month ago, I payed them the Β£100 extra for the print run copy, funny how Thier great about collecting and protecting Thier fees, and the company but not us authors, they said that the directors lost a lot of money they invested too but to be quite honest this is one time my life I don’t feel sympathy for them.

If they had been better at marketing Thier authors adaptive to using online as well as off line they could of sold so many more books,

This is something I have learned.

I have now got InDesign so I can add my own imprint on book , then Finnish assigning the new isbn’s and barcodes. Then it is just mastering the upload procedure, I made the tiny editing changes needed with hubby’s help.

Now to master InDesign me and Tec there will probally be much coffee alot of huffing and deep sighs , I may even get up and take a break in frustration but I will be an expert in no time I have determination to master Tec now. The little details.

I have the second follow up book already started and a series of books in the pipeline,

I am taking charge of my own destinyπŸ˜€πŸ’—

Even if I have to have a tiny bit of help from Niki and the kids to learn they are computer achievers.

Have a beautiful day

Much love Faye XX πŸ’—