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Hi all, Today’s update is slightly different, Got my forms to fill out to do with royalties will be awhile before I earn from them yet but it is good to be able to set that up makes it all the more real being a published author.

I hope the book will sell its what any author wants to reach a many readers as possible, many times I think about the whole process of writing a book, and the reasons for me change depending on what I go through in everyday life, I mean it is like looking through a window in to the life of a family reading it.

You can tell so much by the photos in the book my emotions especially, I guess my face shows how I feel alot.

It doesn’t however show my physical journey I went on at the same time as working and being a wife and mum and also writing the book, self help it really did self help me.

Would I be as far along physically and emotionally as I am now if I didn’t find away of releasing all the emotions the years of school issues and hospital visits with the a schools.

The fact my husband worked so very hard and had to travel for work alot, left slightly empty when he was not here,I missed him terribly, time zones made it harder on challenging days.

But always there my oldest son Josh, one of my closest friends next to my hubby, he always made me feel better just by talking to him, he helped center me talked to me till I could focus again.

I always felt that maybe I shared to much with him at the time he never grumbled. I always felt a peacefulness talking to him as I do with my hubby.

It’s hard to discover the sense of forfillment my family bring to me something I helped to create and are perfect the way they are,

One day I had a difficult meeting at my daughter’s schools I had the family support worker come with me she was amazing at gathering all the people into one room together I think it frustraighted her as much as me me getting others to work together for the needs of my kids , she tried so hard to get both Niki and Jake’s schools the autism specialists the social communication teams and school nurses and educational psychologist, all in one room so to take the pressure off me trying to get from one school to other because one child had been excluded and one was a school refuser. It actually worked a couple of times and each of of us were given people to contact and things we all needed to do to get the Ehcp plans and to try and get the support from the mental health team they were the only ones missing at every meeting.

You know it’s very hard to explain my children’s anxiety and depression and autism to others when I was just figuring it out myself. A couple of sheets of paper, a booklet and words like mum will pay for this.

The truth is Me and my husband both worked and we have supported and and gone the extra mile with things for our children’s education, but I drew the line at paying for a maths tutor to go into to the school to teach my son when he is untiled to a free education like every other child.

Infact my oldest came home from uni one yearfor a week’s break and spent the week teaching and doing practice days with his brother to help him before his says. He missed so many lessons I didn’t want him to miss out ever. I just wanted hi. And Niki to be educated in School like there peers