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Hi all, it has been a busy few days here, so tired now but It was so worth it Jake had the most wonderful birthday this year.

He loved having his Nan ,Grandad, aunt and cousin come to join us.

I asked him what the best bit was and he said “spending time with you all”

He loved his presents and melted saying it is to much, money he always worries about these things, the thing is he is worth so much more and the fact he doesn’t realise it, is sometimes the most difficult thing to see.

Thank you to everyone who sent messages it really did mean alot to him, he said he felt really spoilt with kindness. I love this young man so very much.

Jake loves his Tec he even completed his new sonic game on the first day, while most teens have there phones and social media he just doesn’t want to do that yet, maybe he is wise to not use them, he wants to wait till he is 16 .

He has been a little poorly with his migraine and sore throat and cough,

And his palpertations have increased but they always seem to get worse when he has a cold.

Memory book

I am just working on his memory book, it is a mixture of cards messages and photos with just some positive quotes as well, so when he feels depressed or sad we have something positive to look at and talk about.

These really help to get his thinking more positive, and to be super focused on what is good in life.


I was working with Hayley today aswell she was helping with Jake’s memory book, I did one for her a couple of weeks ago and she looks at it all the time.

She also was working on her numbers again today and practising really hard,

We also worked on her new food menu’s as her weight has increased a little and we need to get it back to where it was last year,

She choose where and what days she would eat her foods we talked about potion sizes and adding more water to her day, I really got a sense of where she has been having things she shouldn’t . It is something we are going to bring up with the day service aswell she is showing progress in telling people no when they offer her cakes and things, having prader Willi makes it hard, and it is a responsibility of everyone around her to work together to make sure, she doesn’t take food of other people we have explained it is not because we want to stop her eating what she wants but for her own health that it has to be this way. It does help minimise her fits by keeping her weight in the healthy range.

Her old menu stopped becoming affective so just needed a little changing she is happy with it.

She also asked to try some meat last night which is a first for her she even managed quite a few peices.