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Hi guys hope you all have had a great day.

As an author I love to write and read.
Especially non-fiction
Today’s post I would love to share this veryInspiring book

It’s called The Widows’ club

The book is an inspirational book of stories form widows of Uganda direct from
Author Muwayire Henry
I have been a speaking and we share what our families are up too for nearly 2 years.
He is the founder and director , of Aywd Uganda.
He is very humble and supportive of women and youths in his country
He and his wife and 2 beautiful children have been lightinging up my I box with positive uplifting messages and there beautiful smiles, for 2 years now .Life is not easy for them either but they work hard on this project to empower the women and families so a very good read. Simply written there stories important ones to be heard.
I will be sharing the book with Niki and Jake too I think it is great to learn about others lives. This is m

Muwayire Henry and his beautiful wife and children,

the proceeds of the book being invested In helping women and children by teaching them business skills and marketing they will need to build Thier own little business and investing In Thier children’s health and education in the book is also a crowd funding link In for people to help them invest in better lives.
I ordered it off Amazon UK it arrived very quickly it truly touched my heart. there stories inspiring not to give up and to talk about Thier issues with other women going through the same things each encouraging and bringing more to the group.❤️ This book is hope for them all and Thier families
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Much love Faye XX