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Hi all how has your day been,?

Challenging that’s mine, and slightly frustrating 😵😬

It stated good now have new ISBN numbers and bar codes sorted for the book. I feel the bubble of excitement again, I am glad because really can do with the positive vibes at this moment, I am so glad I can write and share our life it really is a calming thing where I just write and post and not worry to much about offending people with my mood. I actually called my hubby a very rude word today seems I can’t always keep it in my head🤔

I wish I wasn’t such a cow sometimes.

I guess I thought he could read my face a little better by now when I want his input or when I want him to just listen.

I phoned to get Jake a doctor’s appointment this morning, I phoned at precisely 8.30 when they opened,

(Number 25 in the queue) how does that even happen. As pridicted as soon as I heard that I knew no appointments avalible still I wait on the line with a tiny ray of hope of getting one. They offered one for tommorrow which I said was fine then they asked why I needed the appointment I explained Jake’s pains and the fact we had been to a&e on Monday and they said if he still got it go back to doctors.

They weren’t happy for us to wait so put us on the call for the doctor to phone said it would probally be in the afternoon, so I thought that’s ok a little longer won’t make any difference.

Here is where it gets complicated and frustraighting I am a carer for more than one person today is my day I work with Hayley , so I get into the car to pick Hayley up I am driving over when my phone rings I pull over and it’s my dad where are you .

I tell him I am on my way and cant talk waiting for the doctors call.

Put the phone down oh heck I missed a call check my call list it was the doctor. I have one phone being a carer for multiple people means I can get a call anytime.

So put phone away continue to Dad’s and Hayley when I get there I have to phone the doctor back and try and explain why I missed the doctors call, and that the doctor asked me to call back , I am then put back on the doctors call list. At this time I am hoping