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Hi all how has your day been today?

I love the Holiday’s spending time with the kids always the best, going out and doing different things together this is a big thing for us now.

No avoiding going places, it’s a great feeling.

Today was a beautiful example of why it is an important step, and why

we are no longer worrying about what others think.

The day started with a bit of a curve ball, an unexpected twist. But after an hour of phone calls sorting a few things out I realised I am not going to let it spoil the positive mood we have going on. It is what it is can’t change it so won’t give it another moment of thinking.

So on to the best bit the trip too the cinema tonight,

Detective Pikachu 😀

First off I had to terribly excited kiddo’s you see Pokémon has played a huge part in our life ever since oldest son Josh was young, we have an awsome extensive collection of not only cards but little collectable toys,

Plushes and even some clothes ,hats.

The time I spent organising collections the kids have. (Don’t ever mix your kids deck’s up ) a big no no😬

Pre collecting tickets and finding that perfect seat the kids want to sit in, they are very perticular about being directly in the center, not to far forward, back left or right, just central thier just like Thier dad in that respect.

Arriving not to early so they are bouncing around, but early enough to get plenty of supply’s of popcorn drinks, sweets. How to empty mums purse quickly.

Manovering up three flights of stairs with the drinks and popcorn still in the containers not an easy fate. I am sure we left a trail for Pokémon to find.😂 The lid on my drink was not as secure as it should be. The cinema still use plastic straws though.

Taken our seats ready for the movie to start Niki sitting next to me Happy flapping on one side while Jake munching his way through the popcorn on the other side.

The trailers were great, Toy story 4, Godzilla, and Spiderman.

Good choises for future trips.

The lights lowering the Movie began the kids eyes fixed to the screen, we experienced something different not only was it in the screen in front of us it wrapped round the sides of the walls at certain points of the film, wow it felt like you were in it.

The movie was funny quite charming in places, my kids transfixed Niki every once in a while flapping her crying, laughing. Everything you want a movie to feel when watching. I ended up wanting to live in a Pokémon world and having a Pokémon live with us , Pikachu was cute. Bulbersuar, (sorry if spelling is wrong) brought tears to Niki’s eyes.

Jake I think found the experience a little much sensory wise but he coped very well only leaving once for a few minutes they both enjoyed the Movie.

I definatley did, but then I love the imaginative creations the guys who develope these Pokémon .

The actors the right choise for the movie. Mew too another favorite.

But Pikachu is the ultimate Pokémon .

Mr Mime part of the film had us laughing.

This movie gets a big 5* from us.

Now where our cinema is there is also a Hollywood bowl with arcades always something the kids like to visit after a movie.

Kind of a tradition for us to do this, we didn’t stay long because Niki wanted to get home as it was dark outside plus she wanted to get back on her computer and talk to her Tom.

Jake gets a tad frustrated there but today was ok .

The only down side of the arcade this time is mum didn’t manage to get a teddy out the machine normally I do.

So sadly Dumbo has to spend some more time behind the glass walls till he gets his forever family

Look at the eyes and sweet little face.

A bit of Austin Powers .

Another tradition is getting photos to remember our day, physical ones not just on phones but ones they can put in there own memory books.

Jake decided not to be in the pictures through I think that is because Niki likes to pose us in the way she likes .

Was another beautiful end to the day.

Have a beautiful evening

Much love Faye xxx