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Hi all how are you today?

First today I’ve sorted my wordpress for another year πŸ˜€β€οΈβœοΈ

It has become my go-to place just to clear my thinking and take a little time for myself, it really is a therapeutic thing I feel for myself anyway.

Plus I am a big believer of better out of my head then in it.

You will probally see from my posts since I joined we are working though things that we have feared. Or have caused us anxiety when I say that I am not only talking about my kids but myself aswell, I would never ask my kids to face anything if I sat back and didn’t do it myself, first it would be a little bit hypercritical and secondly it’s to show them they can work through it. Yes they still have anxiety I don’t think it is something that will ever disappear, but they are learning ways to cope with it. There are times it maybe heightened and also times they don’t feel it to.

Before diagnosis we wouldn’t dream of not going out because the kids would have meltdowns but in the lead up to diagnosis, and through the whole process we slowly stopped going out much.

I just think it was we all needed at the time, it is not to bad being able to go out with one kids at a time, because it was more manageable both needing to have I devivded attention.

But since writing the book things have changed for the better our post we share now as opposed to the ones we shared throughout the whole process.

Are full of new achievements, new challenges have been faced and achieved.

Wonderful memories I have had since then.

I am always prepared for the unexpected. Ready to get us home at the first sign of any distress.

Today the first time taking both the kids to funfair at the same time.

What can I say other that it was a truly happy day.

Funfairs being the kind of place you would be prepared for meltdowns.

All the things that my kids have issues within one place , noise, music,screams, flashing lights, lots of people. Stools that you only ever seem to win small toys.

First up the queues for paying for wrist band no queues so that was positive Jake is a spinner so the walterzer one they both perticualy like it was fast our seat, enjoyed this ride so much we went on twice.

Us sitting read for it to start

Next up the Predator😬😡🀒

I sat this one out but Niki and Jake braved it together me I don’t want to get dizzy again.

Now this was a big challenge for Jake

My husband and I took them both to fair before they were diagnosed and Jake hated this ride infact he had a bit of a panic attack, this time though he was determined to try and I let him,

It is always best when it’s there choise to do something, he kept his head down and eyes closed no panic but it re-enforsed that’s it’s not something he wants to go on again, he gets 5* for doing it though.

Oh what next we tried to will Niki a frog teddy for her collection but unfortunately we did not get it still Niki was happy to move on to the next thin hook a bag always loved these when they were a kid but pricey for what you win.

A fidget spinner was Jakes choise of prize, Niki a teddy snake.

Here they at trying and With there prizes

Next up Dodgems

Waiting patiently

What could possible be better your 2 kids coming after you in a car thankfully my driving skills kept my at the edges avoiding them they got each other though πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

Now here is the next one the tram like

Ride that makes you go upside down before dropping fastly down. My Niki wanted to go on it for years. This time on her own, Jake had enough of rides.

Here she is my little thrill seeker

The split second you realise no going back or getting off thill it is over.πŸ˜€

She loved it πŸ˜€πŸ˜‚β€οΈ

What next oh yes the two minute challenge Jake’s turn you had to hang for this pole for 2 minutes to win Β£20

One minute four seconds not bad for first time πŸ˜€ you can see in the video his fidgeting started then the arm burn.

Ten pence slots then one more go on the waltzer before candy floss and home.

An all round fun day out for us .

My Niko stayed home to carry on with the garden tables

One done, one to go.

That’s it for tonight.

Much love Faye XX