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Hi all how are you?

A few days of quite reflection here, and just reading other families stories.

Some who have newly diagnosed kids, some who are newly diagnosed themselves, looking for advice. I have learn some tips over the years that have really help maybe out of the ordinary but they seemed to work and the change stayed.

There was no therapy not guidance really just me and my hubby and kids working together, on things.

One time we sat for an hour putting paper clips into big long lines, colour coordinated of course because you can’t mix colours in this house.๐Ÿ˜€

The best ยฃ1 I ever spent, Jake still has them in his sensory draw it had a very calming affect we were racing each other see who could Finnish first, we kept going till each of us one. No loses leads to happy house.

Last Wednesday was the day we searched for a dress for Niki for the wedding, so quite a pamper day, Hayley was with us too and not to be left out she wanted a dress for a wedding reception in September.

Both were happy, Niki even helped choose a Jacket to wear with my dress, she told me I couldn’t wear a matching pink Jacket as I would look like a highlighter. Such a sense of humour that one.๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜‚

Our outfits are all sorted

Hayley trying accessories.

We had a lovely lunch out together all though Niki didn’t want to share her cake with me.

My hubby still working on getting garden tables chairs and fences stained, and fixed they are all looking brand new, and are sturdy and ready for the summer holidays, still a little bit to do but getting there. The vegetables and flowers really beguining to grow now.

We have so many little things to freshen up in the house to breath life into it again but one thing at a time.

I managed to fix the split in the sofa, untill we can get round to doing a full fix on it. Never a good ideas to have exposed insiders of cushions here as Niki and Jake are both pickers.


Another day a new challenge in the form of brand new disability.

Little Tom had a siezure at school so his mum asked if I could drive the van to pick him up as dad wasn’t there.

I guess I learn best on the spot, the first time of driving a van although I have been driving as long as Jake has been on this earth, another thing it was brand new top of the range one, and automatic aswell. To be honest it was so easy to drive and I was slight sad to get back in my old vauxhuall estate. Wow not having gears to crunch maybe I should go with automatic myself when my car needs an upgrade.

Creating our own rainbows

Adding a little secret flamingo all the tiny touches of things my kids love.

Hayley loves capturing moments for her memory book I made her we get photos printed so she can have them to look at and show to others.

Oh the explianing from father to son on sanding wood . Jake always wants to create things but likes doing things with his dad but also going off and doing it himself.

Jake has many of his dad and older brother Josh’s great qualities , things like a love of music and creating videos, taking things apart to see how they work, the love of explaining things for me with diagrams .

Niki has a little less patience with me sometimes and says “oh give it hear I will do it”.

Today Niki went out with Grandad and Hayley to Kareokee again she loves getting up to sing and is getting more confident.

She sent me this picture of them, when she is out she gives me a running commentary. ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ’—

Did have a bit of a moment today when someone suddenly reversed into my car without warning luckily it was just a noise and no damage done to either cars. Not something you expect but the worse thing is it was all because of someone else illegally parked on double yellow lines on the courner of the road. There’s some right plonkers out there sometimes no consideration for rules or even saftey

Of others, they were also parked half on path blocking it for others who may have prams or wheelchairs.

Still could of been worse.

Any way that’s all for today still just relaxing and reading. My idea of a calm day.

Have a beautiful evening