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This is a topic that needs to be out there spoken about.

What Happens in the event of losing the one you have cared for , for so long.

Many family carer’s exist in our world adult carers , child carers.

Do you know where to go for support?

Does anyone ever get prepared for that unknown time?

Do you work also or do you revieve state carers allowence?

Because let’s talk about that it isn’t alot of money that you get some have had to give up working to become a carer for there loved one, and in comparison to what a carer home gets it doesn’t even cover much, so you have to rely on other benifits.

You may live in a local authority house.

I have been thinking so much about this since I heard about a lady’s story,

Sole carer of her child with sever complex disabilities, she lovingly dedicated her whole life to her child and at the age of 19- 20 sadly passed and now she finds herself with everything being taken away an is probally at her most vunrebal time and in need of support.

But what has happened since the sad passing, she lost her freedom of driving because she had to give the disability car back, her only income she had because she couldn’t leave her child to work, her home now classed as to big from her so she would have to move to a smaller place, 2 choises only the first one viewed she loved and wanted to take.

Keep in mind she has only lost her child just over three months ago that child was poorly but the passing still a big shock .

They them tell her she can’t have the place after all now reducing her to one more choise. Or face paying extra on bedroom tax, with what you may ask her benifits reduced by a massive portion.

Then to too it off they say she is fit to work because she is healthy, where I’m the world would they get that crule idea from, signed off by the doctor because the toll of grief and years of dedication.

There must be more to help people in this situation a better understanding of the bigger picture of emotional and mental health that grief carries with it.

Her whole world has fallen apart and that one person who brought so much joy despite the disabilities to her life.

The child about to start a new journey into adulthood and services. But didn’t quite make it.

As a mum who lost a child my heart really hurt for her , there just seed to be this lack of compassion and carer for someone so dedicated.

Struggling with costs of funerals and having to ask her elderly parents for some financial help her gulit so great.

Where is the support services in cases like this the grief counseling.

How many other care givers have had this happen so suddenly and been left with this gaping black hole.

Trying your best to cope, but can’t even go shopping or anywhere without bursting into tears.

Why is this country so bad at this kind of thing. What happens to this mama now.

What can possibly ever make her life whole again. Right at this moment there is no answer.

Is there others out there going through the same trapped in an uncaring, damaging, system that needs re-looking at re-working.

I forgot our country our political system is to wrapped up in a Brexit with no solutions no-one willing to communicate or back down or compromise while everyone continues to suffer without correct support.

If you have a similar story please speak up and share, through pain you can make a change to others who come after you.

Once your stronger, once you have the ability to put one step in front of another you have a life time of skills this world could use you have been mums, dad’s, kids, that have cared been nurse, doctor, financial assistance, personal pa, shopper , dietician and so much more.

We are vastly in need of people like you to bring a new passion and life to the whole care system you know how to fight for the rights of your loved ones. You know how it works from the very bottom to the top.

You managed your life without even thinking about it you got up day and night you lost sleep.

But most of all you have passion love and care an advocate through difficult circumstances, but you did it. Even if life feels hard to live, imaging what you already have to offer .

Please feel free to leave a comment or share, I want people to have support they need, by staring and sharing topics like this they may just help one family not feel alone when there world is broken. When there heart is hurt. When they are overwhelmed and just numb.

Much love Faye XXX