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New week new beginning

Been keeping the atmosphere here as relaxed as can be coming into GCSE time.

Calm relaxed Mum and Dad = relaxed kids, there is a lot of truth in that statement, us parents can sometimes be super stressed that our kids needs are met during exam time that we don’t always realise the kids pick up on it.

Probably true for most parents realy but add kids with additional needs to the mix and anxiety disorders can be something of a ticking time bomb we never no from one minute to the next when anxiety is going to come into play.

I Have been through many school tests being a mother of three over the last 20 years when i say 20 years really mean 20 years of school runs, homework, sats, Gcse’s, a levels , uni degrees.

Plenty of graduations and changes of schools some expected, some not through choise but the right decision in the end. we still have many years to come with education as well.I have found it exhilarating, frustrating, so much joy and so much stress that is what it is like to be a parent, there through good and bad. for Niki and Jake a great start was made , then the years of bumpy up and down ride of schools. But finally they are both enjoying education at school and learning they are thriving. do they still need support thats a big yes. Without it things may slowly slip the other way not a chance i am willing to risk thier education is vitally important.

Niki finished and passed the child care level one, she is completing her placement which is going well. so now the only thing left is maths GCSE, if she didn’t go through multiple changes of schools or exclusions she would have already completed maybe three years at college but then would she have made the progress she has made now without them, would she have the resilience to give it another go, who knows i no the woman i see before me now is vastly different from the girl who went through diagnosis.

She is really beginning to show what she is truly capable of . Today’s perpetration for her Maths exam began before she left the house, happy positive mood from all of us we were up early had breakfast and even time for some jokes music and Tik Tok’s .

Niki has adaptions in place for exams a separate room, extra time, breaks if needed and Jaffa cakes , Why the Jaffa cakes we found that anxiety mimics the feeling of hunger in the tummy so having a snack makes her tummy settled so she can concentration, she eats healthy all the other times now and has limited sugery foods. but in this situation she feels it really helps.

Her anxiety before meant she never used the whole time or went over she just wanted to get it done but today she used the allocated time and checked her answers changed the ones she though she answered wrong, and managed every question in the exam.

Her words when she phoned after, all finished I smashed it , I answered all the questions, feel really good about it , I didn’t cry. That is all that matters to me she did it and feels good. 2 more to go and hopefully that is maths all wrapped up.

A big smile going into Exam and coming out

But there is more she wasn’t expecting a treat but i think she more than deserved it for all her hard work lately she choose a mermaid tale and a new doll for her collection, something that started when she very first took her GCSE’s back in her old mainstream and alternate provision schools.

Her collection of dolls is a positive thing as she can be very creative with them. I it is really will try to upload the video she made it is really cool and took her a little time. not sure if it will upload in this article though.


Jake choose his first suit the other day he looks so grown up, as you are probably aware sensory issue can cause a few issues as far as clothes go.

But he was happy with it, the shoes he is not so sure of he likes shoes to be the same A) with grippers b) the same as his usual ones. The ones we choose are very grown up suit ones not the usual super market brand we found he loves. They are also Laces something he hasn’t mastered yet because he will only wear grippers as he finds them easy and comfortable .


My handsome young man, growing way too quickly, the baby of the family.


Dentist star

A new challenge faced and one by Hayley

Hayley had her next dentist appointment she coped very well, we thought she was just having a deep clean but then the dentist through in a filling and a needle, for a moment just a split second she looked shocked then she just layed back and let them do it. we ended up keeping her off the day centre for the day because she was shaky after.

sometimes stress can bring on a seizure but this time she had a lay down and was fine, the best thing is she didn’t clamp her teeth into dentist finger or need staff to pry her mouth open. I just kepted saying how well she was doing. The thing is my kids are learning from her and she from them each wanting to over come the things that cause anxiety.


My oldest haven’t seen him since Niki’s birthday and the trip to his, home but in June we will all spend a couple of days together we are super excited to see him again and will be attending a family wedding together. It is funny we talk almost every day together first me then my hubby the highlight of our evening having a good old chat about anything and everything .


My Nik has been continuing his work in the garden, fixing fences, doing the vegetable patch planting the plants. but also been a real big help like going up the shops and getting things we need me, I have been resting when i am not sorting the kids or working.

we have a great thing going here at the moment seamlessly working together , I have spent more time then I should watching him while he works , he always makes me feel calm (when he doesn’t get on my nerves) only joking .He makes me forget my words, be goofy around him in a teenage crushy type of way. not always sure i like that he affects me but he does not in a bad way but he simply does.

As you can see some vibrant colours and he is breathing life in to our own little sanctuary.

We also have some additions

Our ever so smiley scarecrow, the fairies have also moved a couple more houses to our garden ready for the kids to explore and visit when they come .

well thats all for today’s update, find hobby’s have quite space, and time for yourselves as adults hard i know sometimes a trip to the toilet is followed by little people calling. Seriously though finding a calmness as an adults rubs off on your kids.

Good night

Much love Faye xx