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Hi all how are you today, been a few days since I updated,

Been taking some thinking time plus lots happening here.

Hayley had dentist Tuesday or she was ment too but when we got there the dentist had a family emergency, so we had to rebook missed there phone call as I was dropping the kids to school. Still couldn’t be helped sorted it for early Monday so she doesn’t miss a whole day at day center.

Wednesday we were working on book for a while but also working with Hayley, Wednesday’s are a day I take her out and she can eat what she wants for lunch no diet day,

After work it was onto Jake’s parents evening, the results of recent test are outstanding and boy has he worked hard on catching up.

His teachers only had great things to say, he hit ended of year targets and surpasted them in science he has already hit end of year 11 targets in that and he is year nine.

His teacher made us laugh, but also mentioned she can’t keep Jake in her class as it isn’t fair to him he needs to move to top set.

But this poses a slight issue how can Jake still get support he may need when his assistant is supporting 2 other children who are staying in that class, Jake says he is ready to move up and be challenged but if he has to go without support he will.

This is something I may need to speak to them about at some point, his new teacher needs to pick up anxiety and issues like his ta does.

Not sure how that will work as there are many students .

Jake and I discussed that he will have to speak if there is an issue.

Before this night a part from the Ehcp

Meeting Jake hasn’t come with me to parents evening, the reason is seak openly about strenghs and weak areas. He asked to come and be involved this time ๐Ÿ˜€

The veg and herbs are all now in and ready to just grow.

Today we got a few new plants for back of garden

Yesterday I had blood test done should get results Monday and my new glasses come on Friday.

Today finished on a real positive note a night out with both mum and dad

Other news also put huge smile on my face Niki got up and sang again as did myself ,Niki and Begx so nice seeing them just enjoying it there. They just sang there hearts out.

Jake spent the evening at home with his dad , bonding over Transformer Bumble Bee movie and my little Jake’s first shave ๐Ÿ˜ต time had gone so fast if you have little kids enjoy every moment ๐Ÿ’—

No moustache very proud of himself

Any way. Good night have a beautiful night

Much love Faye XX