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Good evening all how has your day gone?

So today has been the best day the Migriane and fuzzy head has slowly disappeared and I feel more relaxed then ever, the veggie garden has started to come together thanks to my hubby

Still some planting to do to Finnish off but really looking forward to home growing the initial expense is well worth it.

When Hayley arrived here this afternoon she was excited to see I had cabbage and Brussel sprouts ready to plant. It really is starting to pay off and transfer to the kids and those I work with talking about health, emotions, mental health, and all the things it takes to be healthy from inside out.

Niki reached her target weight in a healthy way, excercize and cutting out the bad habbits she still gets he odd treat day but doesn’t crave them so much, most of that is her own will power but also the Metformin is helping her alot aswell. She doesn’t over excersize and has a set time every day to do her workout on Wii fit. She has now started adapting and changing it when need be.

Hayley uses her excercize bike for about half an hour aswell, plus she does more walking about, I have noticed where she is losing weight too she is becoming less breathless and the weeks go by.

Hayley has also learned to tell people at the day center if she wants to change something to her scedual and they have been very adaptive to that.

Having swimming once a week, going out and about shopping, arts , drama that’s Hayley’s favorite plus filming she likes to also be behind the camera too.

Routine is kind of important to my kids but also Hayley and others I work with, but they are also learning change is good to.

  • Education
  • Health
  • Daily living skills
  • Money
  • Medicine
  • Yearly reviews
  • Ehcp
  • Mental health
  • Emotional health
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Huntington’s
  • Safe gaurding
  • Social media
  • Social skills
  • Bullying
  • Healthy eating
  • Excersize
  • Doctors
  • Hospitals
  • Dentist
  • Sleep
  • Sensory
  • Eyes
  • Hearing
  • Support services
  • Social services
  • And sometimes police
  • Organising
  • Driving
  • Self esteem and resilence training
  • These are just a few things in our daily life that get talked about, happen and I handle every day.

    It’s a big part of seeing the over all situation, you need to be able to handle it all either as a carer or parent of kids with additional needs.

    It can be frustrating sometimes even for those that have been doing it for a long time, don’t think we have all the answers we learn as we go along to having the ability to adapt to different scenarios. Different moods , different settings. Different situations that come along.

    Sometimes communication is grate sometimes it needs alot more work,

    When I say that I mean services.

    What works , what doesn’t.

    • Long waiting times
    • Funding
    • Better understanding in general for kids or even adults issues
    • Lack of places to go that helps keep kids on track.
    • Looking at the bigger picture not just at families , but the system that is supposed to be safe that’s meant to encourage and inhanced learning for all students.
    • More mental health training
    • Councillors in schools
    • Increased Sen support in mainstream settings autism awareness just isn’t enough, better understanding of anxiety, mental and emotional health for teachers and support staff so that all students can learn.
    • Less exclusions because to be honest by displaying behaviour that gets the student excluded they aren’t learning resilence in school.
    • Bullying I have been around many schools and the posters and talk about bullying and what is or isn’t bullying is just not enough if when a child says they are affected and are being bullied they feel unheard because to them it is.
    • Politicians getting out and going to schools and talking to the students that recieve the services.
    • Ofsted they need to sometime just turn up unannoused. And on those abounded visits with pre warning to children who dont’t like change ,speak to children without any one from the school present
    • The reason I say this is because vunrebal children will always want to please those around them, so they are less inclined to talk about things like bullying, or other issues they may have at school with a adult from school present.
    • May be they can do a bit of both.

    So when I say caring I like to say how it really is because we a not part of the solution if we don’t say what it really envolved all the things done in one day for many of us carers or parents , or family members .

    So caring isn’t just one or to small things it is many things that need very good adpations made. To think there are many young carers out there missing out of a little of life,

    Jake Gave me a mini piano concert tonight😀💗

    Anyway that’s all for tonight

    Good night all

    Much love Faye xx