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Hello all hope your day has been AWSOME !!

Happy mother’s day to all those celebrating todayπŸ’–

We have had a beautiful relaxing and peaceful day here today.

A bit of gardening from my hubby and his Green fingers it is starting to take shape now and looking lovely.

We are onto the vegetable patch next,

A selection of salad’s and vegetables,

The herbs are fantastic this year already growing and thriving.

Being able to go pick your own to use in home cooked meals is very satisfying.

This is just the beginning, much too Jake’s horror I bought some Brussel sprouts to plant πŸ˜‚

lousy sense of direction πŸ‘ˆπŸ‘‡πŸ˜΅

That’s me or so I thought ,my dad told me where to go to get to garden center, I followed his directions it wasn’t that far from where I live.

I ended up driving round in circles down country lanes I stopped and put Google maps on my phone only for GPS to quit working, just my luck but it was all ok the weather was sunny and warm the music playing my favorite tunes while I stopped I phoned my dad back he had given me the wrong directions by one road turning.

Once he told me the right way I got there in no time.

It was lovely just walking around making the selection of things to plant.

Tomatoes, onion, garlic, lettuce 2 types.

Green beans, cabbage, Brussels,red hot chilli peppers and beetroot. Not to mention some strawberries.

That’s enough to start us on our journey.

Each year we get a little more adventurous with planting each year our garden is making us smile.

The thing in like most is just pottering around with my Nik and the kids a little bit of sorting ready for school and the week ahead, the garden, and of course the lovely roast dinner.

We had roast beef today the full works roast potatoes parsnips, carrots and minty pees and Yorkshire pudding, topped off with a rich and tasty gravy.

Niki are everything but the meat and gravy and of course our Jake had plain pasta cooked with a touch of garlic and some butter, soonish and green grapes.

We used fresh rosemary for the potatoes, the freshest mint for the pees and corriander and parsley for the salad.

We like to add a little Greek to our dinners even if they are a traditional English dish so things like olives, Halomi, little peppers Taramasalata, and Houmos

flowers on the table a bottle of red which I don’t drink but still it goes nice with a roast. We also like fresh crusty bread just to dip in the Gravy juices

All this followed by a movie today was Meg , the one about a Megalodon

Not sure on that spelling but hopefully right.

Jake came watched too is one of his special interest marine life and dinosaurs.

Jake woke very early today and by about one he fell asleep and I had to wake him for dinner he ate so quick and went back too sleep, until about 7.30.

We woke him for his bath when he finnished he said “mum I will have to be super quick or I will be late for school” bless him he thought it was Monday morning, now though it’s 10.30 pm and he is wide awake and full of energy. Maybe a long night.

Book Emo the Emotional Elf

Now to Finnish off this week and get it live for sale again, minor things now ready to just get on with it.

Still have to also do the proper book trailer ready for the relaunch too.


You know when you have a bad day and you lose your cool, and it isn’t the person your talking too’s fault it just happens, you forget it over time but it plays on your mind that you owe an apology, then you try and think of away of approaching the subject but feel awkward. Well just say it it really feels good to do that.

And it doesn’t fester on your mind when you think of that person this I learnt to do alot, it also has to be sincere I think back to the times we went through diagnosis and other issues and I wasn’t as cool and calm as i am now I was bewildered overwhelmed by many things, trying hard to keep control of a situation , trying to get my family through a difficult time.

I am glad I learned so many vital lessons since them.

Have a beautiful evening πŸ˜€β€οΈ

Much love Faye XXX

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