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Hello everyone

Hi all how has your Sunday begun for you?

Sunday a day to chill music in the back ground, or a movie playing.

For me it is music , today`s choice soon oldies but songs that speak too your soul. Some songs really talk make you feel its you and the singer. Kenny Rogers, Eric Clapton, Lionel Richie to name a few. Music that i grew up listening too. Marvin Gaye another world class voice. But also Gloria Estefan, Lisa Stansfield, Patsy Cline.

I have a very diverse playlist but some of my favourites are the ones above.

A roast dinner in the oven the kids relaxing, my idea of a perfect weekend my hubby pottering in the garden, coming in from time to time to share a coffee or talk for a moment

Book Show Authors Here we go with the next delightful books on the list

Author Jenny Henwood and her books Atticus’s secret, Ketchup loses his voice

An author of multiple children’s books animal themed some thing which is sure to engage many little children, far and wide some authors i didn’t get the chance to speak to so much, maybe at other events if they are there i will get a chance to really have a closer look at thier work.

next up is

Author M J Rutter

Young Adult paranormal author

M J has many books out in this kind of style so great for young adults

Author Jane H Wood

I didn’t get to talk to Jane but what i have read of her book since its a lovely story, i have added Jane’s description as sometimes authors are the ones that know thier work the best.

Author Gill Thompson

The Oceans Between us

This is on my list to buy

Based on real life and a mothers fight for her son, now as a mother i know what we do for our kids i love books like this.

Gill also has a blog

Next Up if your book loves like conspiracy theory’s more gripping

The author and books you are looking to give a chance that is if you haven’t already

Author G D Harper

We chatted about writing and publishing for a while at the event really nice person
Find out more about his books at gdharper@gdharper.com

Author Dee River’s

bringing family and history to life

Her book is based on true events her display on the table has some beautiful old photo’s. Dee also has a blog unexpectedanswersblog.com

Her books are available to order on amazon high street book shops, she also has a Facebook page

Author Grant Langley

Grant’s book Jabuti’s Quest a trilogy of epic journey and self discovery

I will remember Grant`s book stall the most as he was sitting next to the author who’s book was about food addiction know more and he was cheekily offering chocolates, funny things a stick to your mind sometimes.

The next set of authors i didn’t get a chance to really get to know thier work but want to share there books any way.

Author Gill Moore

Her book Betrothed Treachery

Author Kathrine Johnson

Kathrine has a nice array of books to read

where to buy and more info the details are above

Author Johanna Jackson

Johanna is a romantic fiction author details above every one loves a romance story.

Author: Marie Godly and her books also with a christmas theme

Author’s Roger Cordiner and Andrew Brook

There Books Building Stone Atlas of Sussex

At little of us authors local history here, for those that love to find out more about other county’s

Author Robert Stedall

Author Amanda Davey

For more details of her work contact above

Last but not least the lovely

Author Jo baxter

I am having to use the photo of her books from last event as my camera rand out of battery, Jo has the books

Viola Pumpernickle the emerald Lady and Ruby Danger

Jo is also on an award list for her books

I am hoping to have got everyone in these last few blogs , if i missed anyone pm me i will gladly share for you.

So to Finnish of I have to mention the celebrity author

Diddy David now this is a difficult write because i am sure his book is amazing but i didn’t even catch the title of it so you will have to google it and it is great to have celebrities open the show,

However although some may not say it there was an air of disappointment he did not stick around for long, I had the stand next to him not once did i get to see his books which would have been nice as music is something our family love and it was definitely something i would have brought as a present for my husband being that he used to be a DJ.

I guess he came sold a few books took a couple of photo’s and left having a name in the author business means you dont have to do the hard graft like the rest of us newbies on the block.

I am an honest person and he is probably a lovely guy though so dont thunk I am saying something mean because i am say what really took place

Thanks UK southern book show and Natasha for the wonderful opportunity to share our books and meet other author’s