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Hi all how are you today

As you can see my smile is fully fixed again, I am extremely happy with it the dentist is amazing kind, non judgemental very calming. It really helped. Goodness knows how many injections and appointments it has taken but it has been ongoing for two years, something really I have had trouble with from a young age.

The first time was about 2 days before I married my hubby had to have emergency dental work. Just to be able to smile at the wedding, always something that has bothered me A lot.

I used to have this issue with the anestetic not working, so made me avoid going for a while which is why it got so bad.

It’s funny but it really affected my speech, getting words out wasn’t so bad with my family or really close friends but others outside alot. It caused great frustration because when you can’t get your words out it makes you stutter them. You get frustrated more it happens more like a cycle.

I noticed I started sitting quitely even in family events, I am sure people thought I was stand offish, not the case at all. I am not so quite at home though.

That’s why i think these author events, and speaking at the event are really helpful to learn to talk properly again. It is still a highly emotional topic , not due to vanity but speech.

I found dealing with kids schools made it so much worse for a long time

Thankfully not now they rarely communicate at all now, the sometimes hourly updates every day the phone calls home, the to and throw from one department to the next.

It’s tough , really tough even for a person who has cared for work as well.

I am glad those days are behind us now but rebuilding ourselves after is a process in itself, every now and then you have that feeling slowly rise you just learn the hard way to switch it off.

Today there isn’t another book update because my mind needs to think straight when I talk about others work. There books are important to them as mine is to me.

Plus I have this fuzzy head today , so have been relaxing. Jake and Niki this afternoon were so funny. I must have fallen asleep I slowly stores when Jake came over and kissed the top of my head, then I heard him and Niki laughing in the other room. I sat quitely listening to them hearing your kids laugh is so heartwarming, especially kids who have bouts of depression.

They were in Thier five minutes I waited for them to go upstairs as I know them so well, I knew they were up to something on my phone.

Yes I know they have my password to it, there is a logical reason why though it’s about trust I know there is nothing on my phone I don’t want them to see , so if I show them I trust them they will not keep secrets on Thier phones from me.

This is what they were up too

Just photo bombing my phone, I now have this perfect memory of Thier laughter in my head. And they didn’t worry how they looked no self contiousness just genuine laughter and fun. These pictures although blurry and goofy are my favorite kind. To me art, art of innocence art of happiness and art of life.

I am going to say good night for now

Brain fizzle

Much love Faye XX