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Hi all how has your day been today?

Still more books to share from last weekends book event and show. As you are all aware my passion and work are all based on emotional physical and mental health so having books out there that give us many options in these areas is very important. Books helping families make informed choices, books helping people through diagnosis, books that help you become self aware and books with important information on some of the issues we face when diagnosed.

So my first book tonight will be from the caring kind lady

Author J E Hardacre RMN,SRN,CPN

Her Book Dementia

now this information is vital so families and those who have Dementia can get help and support,

I spoke with her for a little while bout the affects in loved ones and carer givers as well as the impact on the person with Dementia,

The stigma around this, and some of the behaviours that are not always understood, i spoke to her about my family having Huntington’s and how easy for others to pass judgement on those suffering.

It felt good to talk to someone who understands all the issues that come along with caring for our loved ones and others as a professional.

she also wanted to highlight the great service age concern is in getting support and services to those that need this. our family have had help from them also so i know just how much it means to have these services highlighted and brought to more families in thier time of need for understanding and support.

I would also like to add that it is hard for a person to accept help sometimes as they feel they give up thier independence, the same with using and accepting the need to have aids to help, a lot of people i know worry about it making them more vunrebal once they go down the route of needed them. but the truth is without them sometimes one fall one wandering off is all it takes, pride then doesn’t come into it what you are trying to avoid can become a reality sooner than you expected because of not having them in place.

Sometimes families make the very hard decisions to put thier loved ones in care homes, this is the hardest choice ever, with the correct support in the community we can keep them in thier own homes where they feel safe and have many reminders for as long as possible.

Please keep up your fabulous work and bringing your book to more families

many thanks to you xx

The next author is

Gaynor J Gruber

Her book Chronic Digestive Disorder

Now this is another important book

Her book is a alliterative holistic approach to irritable bowel , food intolerance, allergies, skin problems and any other diagnosed gut issues.

My kids have autism and they have issues with thier tummy’s many of our hospital appointments for Jake has been to do with his tummy, also we have family members and some friends with crohn’s , ulcerative colitis.

Myself i have had a h-pylori infection twice and recovering after it was difficult but slowly it is gone again. There are many different ways of helping but this is a great book for better understanding. of our own digestive systems and what we can do ourselves to aid recovery.

Great work Gaynor

Keeping it on the Health theme

Author Monika Kloeckner

Health and Wellness coach and radio blogger , her book

Food Addiction no more

We chatted a while about her book and food addiction , i spoke about Hayley and her Prader willi and how food addiction for her is very hard and how we have to be so strict with her eating, and how maybe others hinder her progress but offering things she cant say no too.

The thing is society today means we are so busy rushing around we often get addicted to certain foods for convenience and because we think they give us the energy we we need.

So be sure to check out her book and blog radio if you feel your addicted to certain foods and need a little help.

The next book moving away for humans and health and onto dogs and how pets overcome things to be healthier and stronger.

Author Wendy Morris

Book Fleur

What can i possible add about this book or this dogs tragic story that turned around by the love of Nurse Wendy and her Husband Andrew without thier great care and love for this beautiful dog who was in attendance at the book event, this lovely dog may not have had this more positive outcome.

You truly are amazing people , Fleur is lucky to have found you and you probably feel the same way about her.

fabulous Job and well done fleur

This is just a few more Great Authors and books more to come soon

much love Faye xx