Emo the Emotional Elf update #authors #books #reviews #uksouthernbookshow2019

Hi all hope your day has gone great, bit of a delay in uploading the other authors i sat down for five minutes yesterday and woke this morning, think it was the after affects of migraine it usually takes a couple of days till it goes completely.


Jake has had a really good week and a bit back at school his tests went pretty good the only issue that got him a little down was being given the wrong test, and finding out after he finished it. he then got given a new day to sit the right test and the teacher changed the day he wasn’t to impressed with that and thankfully he coped well. These things can have really bad affect on kids with autism and anxiety. Should really not happen but i guess we learned that he has started to develop some coping skills in this.


NIki had her first work experience placement in a new setting today, she was up extra early smartly dressed really positive mood, there was a little anxiety just as we arrived but i walked her to door and introduced her and left, she asked me too. she came out in such a happy mood about how it went. she made the choice to be open about having autism and so far that hasn’t a negative impact she just got on with her work.

We had a little treat when she finished lunch and a stitch teddy she saw it and couldn’t resit it.

Yesterday she phone her placement up and checked rules on what to wear, learning to do things independently is something we have been working together on for 2 years now. This works really well we message if she is over anxious or wants to vent about something, she said i am like her emotions support animal the things she comes out with sometimes makes me smile.

Fixing things

My husband has been pottering around fixing things that need it , the fences my oven, it was so nice being able to cook a meal this evening. Tomorrow i have the last bit of dental work left then i can fully smile again.

I tried to ignore the fact of a missing tooth while being at the author event and speaking, slightly on the embarrassing side but it will be fixed so no more stressing.

now onto sharing more of these wonderful authors and thier books.

next up

Author Adam D Searle

The Big And Little Monster

Very lovely little book

I met Adam at that last author event a really kind hearted person and great little children’s author, Adam was kind enough to buy a book from me for a present for his friends child over christmas.

It is great to still be in touch, and meet up at the resent author event and future ones.

Thanks Adam xx

The next author is

Teresa Harrison-Best

Teresa is another author i met at the first author event i did and we discussed and chatted about autism, and our books.

A very kind author who came dressed in character to the event so i wasn’t the only one. we make a right pair and elf and a pirate.

she also brought with her some hand made knitted characters they help to add a little real life affect to the book really lovely for the kids to see them.

we were also talking about getting together a small group of us authors to brain storm and share some ideas.

Thanks Teresa xx

on to the next author

Author Philip Beiken

book The Ghosteleers

This book looks so good i love this style and the creativity that goes into this book a great one to check out for your kids.

up next

The lovely children’s author Jemma Hatt

The adventurers and the cursed castle

an exciting new adventure series

Great little book and something that will continue as you go along,

well done Jemma looks great

Author J S rumble

She came too the event with a great selection of her work, multiple published books so been an author a lot longer than me.

Author Barbara Cluff

Her books, A polish Symphony, Cartwheeling Chestie Nut and Nic and his Nutty uncle

what i love about these children’s books is that they have songs and music through out. so a bit of a story but also a sing along too.

which they both demonstrated by singing for me at the event

something kids love is a sing along book my kids used to really love books with music in i remember Niki enthusiastically joining in with the Jolly phonics book and CD at school.

Author Laura Quigley

and her array of pony stories

If your children love ponies stories then this is the author for you , there are quite a few to choose from so lots of choice.

The last author for today/s update is


a great little children’s fantasy series, and who doesn’t love a bit of magic

and fantasy in there reading.

Phillipa and her daughter dressed as witches didn’t manage to catch them on there stand but all dressed up and talking about the books even did a reading, great job.

Phillipa was telling me how she was trying to fit her big poster board in her car it was a little bigger than expected but looked stunning.

That’s the update for today there is still more to come there was a good amount of authors attend the event giving talks and readings.

Much love Faye xx