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Evening all your day has been good

UK Southern book show 2019

Wow what an event set up by the lovely Natasha Murray; thanks to author Adam Seale for forwarding the post that led me to the event, I met both Natasha and Adam at the last author event here in my home town of Crawley at our amazing local library.

If I hadn’t have brought Emo and put pen to paper I would never be where I am today, having made great new friends, from all over the world and even friends from not far away from me.

I now don’t feel the isolation I felt as a parent going through diagnosis process with the kids.

The setting of the event in the beautiful barns of Field Place Manor Barns in Worthing

And the outside surroundings truly stunning and added a touch of inspiration, for this aspiring newbie author and her kids. My mother in-law would love the chandeliers.

Very easy to get to for me any way, this is a very important thing when I have the kids with me.

The little cat running around outside kept my kids excited and happy so did the dogs that came to the event, there is something about animals that are very therapeutic and calming to kids with anxiety disorders.

Now I am afraid my phone`s battery ran out before I could get pictures of all the stalls so if I have left any authors out of this blog it isn’t intentional and if you know of any more please let me know I want to share your work.

Now I haven’t had a chance to read all these authors works yet, or too really take in all the information so the best thing I can do is point you in the direction of their work and books so you can check them out for yourself.

My children how ever were drawn two books in particular at the event which they purchased.

There were also some lovely children`s books I know my nephews and nieces will love too.

I will start with the books we brought and the authors we brought them from

Boys Don’t Ride

By the lovely Katharina Marcus

See what i mean fab cover

She came and called the kids to listen to her reading her bubbly personality had my kids going off quite happily to listen if you know my kids this never happens so thanks Kathrine and whatever she did in her reading she did in that reading she got Niki`s attention she came back and the first thing she said was she wanted this book, it had an impact on her and she avidly sat down and read the whole book getting a little grumpy if I spoke to her while she was focusing all her attention on reading it.

She mentioned some of the characters and she loved that they were just them. My daughter is a non-judgemental person and feels a connection to people that are uniquely them.

So well worth the read it was the first book she has picked up and read other than mine of course in years.

So that would be a big 5* anything that engages my 19 year old daughter in reading is a huge positive thing.

The book also had this satin like feel to it which was an added bonus for sensory input, Niki kept stroking it. The front black cover of the book with the white writing, and picture of the Horse, truly classy and eye catching, with that tiny splash of  colour and the added touch of a pink star a beautiful finishing touch. When I have a little time I am also going to read to see what Niki likes to read. Kathrine is an author of a few books so not a novice like me. She was promoting her newest book this time not Horse related.

Check out her other work the newest release on the table

“Cooking with Caroline”

All her books are available on amazon so be sure to take a look.

Thanks again for including Niki and Jake.

Also for your lovely words you left about my kids and book.

Here Niki Nose in book fully focused on finishing it

The next book up for discussion


The First Truth

By Diny FVK

Check out other books by this author

This is the one Jake brought. I feel slightly bad I didn’t get to talk more in-depth about the books with the author but It captured Jake’s interest as soon as he saw it, there will be a more in-depth review when he has finished it, it takes a little time for him with bigger books he has said he loves the cover especially the writing and he is really enjoying what he has read so far. It also Made it into his school bag for reading at break time at school believe me he must really be enjoying it.

This lovely author had three books and brought them with her at the event

On the Back of the book it says

What if Everything You knew about human Evolution was turned on its head?

by author Diny FVK

The main character 14 years old the same age as our Jake so great for him to move on to more age appropriate reading material

Jake with the book Freen excuse Niki’s fingers

Thanks Diny xxx

These are taking a lot longer than it thought they would to write so may be a couple of blog posts to get through them all. I will do the ones first that caught the kids attention as I am looking also at them as a would a buyer, what I go into to shops and buy for kids and the ones I may buy online for family and myself.

The next book is

Mojo-Make believe

The author is Lynne Land

They have an Instagram account  @mojosclub

Mojo and her side kick Freddie, what an amazing little show they put on my kids were really engaged with them they made them smile laugh and take photos Niki was keen to share them on her Instagram, they left a huge impression on both her and Jake and the can we have a dog questions have started again.

Mojo had a postcard
Mojo and Freddie

The kids and the author even got them taking a photo with our book

Little super stars and there many tricks , playing piano , skateboarding they are they seemed happy to be doing what they were doing so that is good.

Any way I will Show some more authors and thier books tomorrow have to sort Niki and Jake out now.

Good night

Much love Faye xxx