Emo the Emotional Elf #author #emotions #anxiety #insomnia

Hi , sleep is so not happening in our house at the moment, accept for my hubby he is sound asleep, Niki and Jake have been so helpful, but the worrying thoughts are just there, what will I say if someone asks something we can’t plan it is unexpected territory for them, they will manage once they have been there for a while. I think maybe Jake’s anxiety is kicking in a little Niki made a t-shirt with her Emo design on it looks really cool. She is so inthusiastic about it all.

We have calming music on in the back ground.

I finally bullet pointed what I want to say tomorrow.

It’s always at this time of night when the kids can’t sleep but are quiet my brain goes round in circles , constantly thinking about everything.

What they went though how far they have come . How much easier things are, but still the issues they had before are still there we just accept it as part of our life now .

I wish my hubby was coming but it just isn’t too be.

Something’s you can change something’s are up to others to change.

Any way my eyes are finally heavy so I will say goodnight for now.

Much love Faye xx