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Hi guy hope your weekend has started well,

All nighter at work last night, little Tom was uncomfortable and he is on a list for his hip to be pinned.

So I had to keep moving him into different positions, till he was comfortable again. It is not nice to see him in pain.

He is such a little trouper.

Every time I moved away from him his eyes would be peeking 😁

Holly was very tired last night and slept well I think the trip to London Hospital with Tom yesterday tired her out

This morning Tom was in between bring a cheeky monkey and moody

Got home to a quite house my hubby and kids sound asleep infact it was about 40 minutes till hubby woke.

He just said sorry didn’t here you come in. That was the plan give minutes peace😁

The kids have been helping to get things ready for tomorrow’s event,

Bags all filled ready change in box plus receipt book and pen for signing and dedications.

Elves ready for the journey books all packed and ready.

I couldn’t change the big poster stand so had to find away to edit out the old publishers till I can get a new one.

Red masking tape saving the day for now. This is what Mums do find away around things we can’t change.

We use the online to enter kids world sometimes this time Niki used it to enter the author and marketing world that we now find ourselves in.

It is funny as it wasn’t on my list of things to do in life it just sort of happened by accident, and the rest they say is history.

My daughter loves Tik Tok she was trying to teach me how To do it.

She is good I am to old for it😁 it made her smile though so that’s a big positive.

And the big one Mum trying 😱😬

You can see I am trying to copy what she is doing. Excuse my messy unmatched house clothes so cold here today.

I still have my talk to plan, I know last minute I am sorry to say I procrastinate over things I get nervous over.

Talking with the authors at the last event was so much easy than I thought because I realized they were probally as nervous as me .

But tomorrow not knowing how many will be at the talk or if there will be people there is the most nerve racking thing.

The kids are really looking forward to helping, it will also be nice to have them out of the house doing something they wouldn’t normally do, it is good for them.

They don’t seem to be showing any nerves at all it’s just me this time.

Jake said how ever tomorrow goes mum I just want you to know you have made your family proud.

So this is it book event here we come.πŸ˜€πŸ’—

Have a beautiful weekend

Much love Faye XXX