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Hi all how’s your day been today.


Niki did her last volunteering on the college site today, she spent most of last night making goodbye cards for the kids she was working with, she made visuals as well as writing, she has a sense of how each of them learns and that is a good quality to have working in schools or child care.

I am so proud that she has been so dedicated to this career choise. Tomorrow, is her last day on the school site she is really going to miss them alot. Maybe a little emotional when it is finally finnished.

She is about to embark on a new placement so big change a new beginning, and one more step to gain experience in her choose job field.

2 years ago the thoughts of others would have said this isn’t possible I always new it was, I always believe in her abilities, she she still has struggles but this is part of life that gives her a sense of purpose.

We were chatting in the car this morning about it and many other things, this has become a new things talking about so many things on that journey things she is happy about things she doesn’t like.

I love that she is finally letting them barriers that held her back before slowly lower.

She is a true trouper, always giving everything another go even if it is hard.

She is so resilient more I guess then she is given credit for. πŸ˜€πŸ‘


He said his maths test went really well a lot better than he thought it would. The computer science one more challenging as he feels the questions were on things they haven’t learnt yet.

He still has more tests to go but for now this set have not been as bad for him, a lot I think to do with his mindset at the moment , his thinking is way more positive right now πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ˜€

Today I had little Holly for the afternoon, she is such a sweetheart.

There family sadly loss there family dog so it has been a hard few days for them she help with his goodbye and they have a cross on his grave.

We spoke about how she felt and what she can do to remember him when she misses him, we are making a little book about him tomorrow so she can remember the great things about him.

He was in old age but he was a huge part of there family for so long.

He was also a therapy dog not trained but an intuitive dog alerting the family when little Tom had a seizure ,

Sitting by his bed always warning of any up coming situation.

It’s kind of funny because he used to come up to me and put his head on my tummy, after I had treatment for tummy issue he stopped doing it maybe he new something at the time I didn’t .

A beautiful dog who had sensory issues with light had to have the curtains drawn or he would bark at the sunlight on the wall.

A protective friends of the family.

We also played in the garden Holly as always drawn to the football and physical fitness things

She arrived just as my Hubby put our lunch out, and she pinched my mushroomsπŸ˜€πŸ’—

This girl loves fruit, salads and her vegetables even Brussels.

Goodbye Buster

Hope your evening is a lovely one

Much love Faye xx