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Hi all how are you doing today?

Lots going on here this week, Easter break was just the best a quiet one for us here just me my hubby Nik, Jake and Niki.

Our oldest Josh couldn’t make it this time because of train issues which was a shame but at least he had sometime off from work where he could chill.

The kids return to school has gone well, infact it has been the best return yet.

Jake has returned to a week of tests he said one didn’t go as good as he thought it would but he has handled it so well the anxiety of the past hasn’t made that negative thinking come back for now, his IT test today he thinks he aced so he is feeling confident on that.

Tomorow is maths test the one he worry’s about the most but I assured him to just try his best that’s all that matters.

The thing he is talking about the most at the moment is if he doesn’t get the grades in his test he may be moved down, I hope this doesn’t happen for his sake he is learning well in the classes and advancing, Test anxiety pretty much can be different from every day classes for many kids with anxiety. So general class work is manageable for them but the pressure of the tests and the thoughts of failing is something that we are trying to avoid for Jake as much possitivity as possible to keep him as calm as possible in these times helps.

Author Event

The author event on Sunday is fast approaching,we have finished the bags they all have either red or gold bows attached a really finicky job, bit I find they help improve fine motor skills well for me anyway plus it has giving me something to do with my hands rather then holding a cigarette still a work in progress on completely giving up but getting there slowly. πŸ™ŒπŸ˜¬

We finnished the posters today getting the printers to work and print them has been a pain in the butt, but finally we did it.

100 A5 posters ready to go, we tried to keep cost as low as possible at the moment because we have other important things to sort I my oven which decided to stop working yesterday that doesn’t bode well for healthy eating and wholesome home cooked meals, my hubby got all tecnicle and gave me a running commentary about how the electrics in it work almost pinpointed the issue just a few more things to check before we order the parts so he can fix it.

That’s one of the things I love about him, he takes time to explain everything in detail to me.

I find it a rather intriguing triat of his,

that and his diagrams, he has a way of explaining that is easier for me to understand some more complex talk and fine details.

He then proceeded to spend about an hour making and cutting the posters from A4 to A5.

They look great not completely different to the originals but more of my own stamp to them less busy and easier to read. For those with difficulties with eye sight.

Niki agreed she is our tester she looks for mistakes and helps edit me sometimes, English has always been her strong point .

She also has glasses for short sightedness she is already -11 in both eyes now funny how much more they are from when she got her first pair when she was 2.

Then she was only -6 in both eyes.

My hubby before he got interoccular lens in 2012 was -25 so you see vision impairment is a big thing when making things for our house.

Slightly off topic but it all just pops in my head randomlyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜±

So now we have bags, bookmarks, keyrings, posters and of course a limited number of books to sell at the event.

This is where the work really begins,

To get reviews I have to sell some, this will also help towards the cost of publishing again to make more avalible, writing the book is the easiest bit of the whole journey for me, and to think of how it developed from a sweet Christmas count down story to a book, still has me slightly dumb founded. I never planned on being an author it sort of just happened naturally and unexpectedly.

Self help now this is an important part of our story because of how each of us has grown in many areas of our life.

The kids are coming to help on Sunday great for there social development, confidence, and a rare experience to learn money skills , and so much more .

Jake I am sure will find a new book, Niki can used some of her photography skills and enterprise skills she learnt at school.

They get to see a different side of there mum.

It would be perfect if my hubby came too , but don’t think he is keen in that idea although it maybe my one chance to show him a different side of me too .

Here is link to author event .


The liquidation of old publishers

I sent an email to them about a two weeks ago for status update on my claim.

They just responded saying it is unlikely they will be any refund.

They also said they have reported them to the disqualification people. But that they won’t give any more details as it is private.

Think it is a bit deceptive, I think that all of us creditors waiting to here news on our claims. I am not including the directors in this statement , have a right to know if they were found to have acted improper or not.

They also sent me an invoice for the Β£100 they wanted for the digital files.

They also say I have 7 days to pay funny that it was supposed to have been sent with the files that is what was agreed instead they sent it with a with compliments slip all them months ago.

Then they wait till I am doing an author event again, it is like they are trying to stop it happening , if you remember or have been following our journey the book origanly published in June 2018 my first author event in september they uploaded the photo of the event finally on there site in the beguining of October then by the middle they suddenly put up a Facebook post with no contact prior to that with us author of any kind of issue with there company that they siezed trading and the rest they say is a blooming mess.

I have spent since then trying to unravel and begin again.

I won’t let it or them stop this from happening a second time, the book deserves to be read our story to be heard. Our progress to be shared to give hope and strength to other families out there.

Tomorrow is a whole new day onwards and upwards is really the only place I have any intention of going. it’s a WATCH THIS SPACE kind of thing .πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Me , my hubby and kids are in this for the long haul side by side lifting each other.

Have a beautiful night πŸ˜€πŸ’—

Much love Faye XX