Emo the Emotional Elf update #author #emotions #anxiety #autism #mentalhealth

Hi all how has your day been.

Been lovely here working in the garden sun shining, blisters on my hand from digging the vegetable patch, still I have these special blister plasters like clear skin works wonders and is water proof as well.

Front garden is all done now to wait for flowers to bloom. All thanks to my hubby for his hard work today as well.

Jake and his trip to his friend’s house went so well a good four hours he spent there.

It was lovely to speak to another family about our kids and schools and diagnosis.

Something we both know is that with more than one child with multiple diagnosis. Each is vastly different in how they display or react or there own unique perspectives . There are a few similarities but I think that is where the diagnosis system needs the work. In adjusting to each indeviduals story, finger prints are unique to a person as well as personalities not one size fits all had to be seen differently so all the children or adults needs are met.

My garden still needs more work and to grow but you will always find a little fairy or something fairytale in there it adds to the surprise factor when other kids come.

I am always in that whimsical away with the fairies kind of person.

The herbs are starting to grow aswell .

This year I hope to have crops of salade and veg to.

We try to make our own compost as well get rid of some of the wasted things and recycle.

Only a couple of days left before return to school has gone so quick I feel Easter this year the timing just doesn’t feel right maybe I was just to over prepared early.

Smoking giving up is very hard the first couple of days not to bad and it hasn’t been one hundred percent smoke free but generally I have in total only had three in all the days .

Today being 2 I don’t know maybe it is withdrawal of nicotine or something else just this over anxious feeling can’t quite out my finger on why it is just a feeling that something is going to happen. I hate that feeling. I am going to put it down to the dreaded cigs for now and hope I am wrong.

A bit of a watch this space.

Honesty is always the best policy on these things I knew it wouldn’t be a easy over night fix it has become my go-to thing in times of worry or stress but it still is something I am proud of making that first step.

I have had the will power to not buy any for myself though.

Any way have a good evening

Much love Faye XX 😀❤️