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Hi all how are you all?Easter weekend at the sun is shining, what a way to wake up ,I would of preferred a tiny little sleep in buy Jake had other ideas. Baking cookies at 6.30 am .The cupboard doors banging kind of makes sure that I am awake, and the mum can you put the oven on.My brain not fully awake. He kindly places a coffee in front of my while continuing to bang to cups he is washing up ๐Ÿ˜ด I love this kiddo.There is a first happening for him today a friend from school has invited him over. A first for his friend aswell his mum said it is his first time asking for a friend to come over.This is autism though and building friendships starts with them yes as parents we can let others come round and negotiate things sometimes but there comes a time where we sit back and they work it out for themselvesHe is super excited so maybe that’s why he is awake so early.Yesterday was ok slightly less relaxed, starting with my car running out of petrol on a rounderbout just before petrol station. First time ever in all my years of driving thankfully 2lovely ladies stopped to help push me to a grass verge there efforts encouraging a couple of guys to get out and help too, something to be thankfull for.My dad picking me up and taking me to get petrol too another bonus bit of help (he actually moved his car out of parking space on Friday!!) ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑWas lovely working in the garden with my hubby me weeding , him cutting grass and planting some flowers still a little bit to do but already starting to look fab.

Then yesterday evening a phone call from my dad my Neice’s friend who is staying had hurt her knee and they had called an ambulance.

Rush over the ambulance was about 30 mins wait she popped her knee out of joint, she was in alot of pain managed to get some pillows under it with a bag of frozen sweetcorn for swelling plus some pain medicine. and kepted her talking till that got there. Poor thing they had to cut her jeans. They took her to hospital I followed behind. X-rayed and seen by doctor pretty quick for bank holiday weekend. We were sent home with a splint to emobolise it and a pair of crutches. She has to phone fracture clinic when she returns home of Monday.

Doesn’t seem to be a fracture but lots of fluid on knee.

Still when they put it back in place the pain eased alot. I made her phone her parents to let them know. Teens you would think parents. they would be the first to contact.

Nice way too end a holiday visit .

So that is why we always expect the unexpected here I quite often have random hospital visits and sit an twiddle my thumbs In Waiting rooms.

Hope you have a beautiful day today, I am hoping ours is uneventful and relaxing today.๐Ÿ˜€

Much love Faye xx