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Hi all how are you today?

Niki’s Results

Blood test is back and thank goodness the result was Negative for Factor v Leiden. One big worry that is no longer there.

Now we know which way to go with meds. Being a parent you want to be able to make the right choises when your kids need medicine.

That risk of blood clotting is now not a risk, I am very proactive where my kids health is concerned.

Many years of waiting for diagnosis does that.

Another good thing is Niki’s not anemic any more either.

Another fantastic step, sometimes hard getting that balance because of her being vegatarian that won’t eat veg.

She is excersizing daily not over the top kind of way but a little each day .

Her BMI and weight have hit the healthy Zone. This is all her hard work and it is paying off.

Hayley’s results

It has been about 10 days now the time they said it would take for results. They aren’t back yet.

I kind of know they are going to come back ok just waiting for official results.

She is also doing well with her weight at the moment. She is enjoying swimming once a week and uses her excersize bike as well.

She is at the moment changing what she is doing at the day center and quite confidently now lets them know what is working and not working for her. They also have some day activities they are offering at the moment we discussed them and she is going to try archery. The other choise was Axe throwing, having seen Hayley’s throwing skills don’t think that would be a good choise for her.


He helped his dad in the garden today, plus he tidied his room I will say he had done a fantastic Job.

He even put stickers on his door

Tomorrow’s the D-day injections no sleep-in tomorrow we are going to have them at the hospital a walk-in appointment.

Most of his peers had them at school we choose this option just incase he gets anxiety he hasn’t long got over the feat of blood tests.

Hopefully it won’t return after these jabs , his pain threshold hold isn’t that high. He made the decision he doesn’t want the magic cream after all.

But we have it on Stand by just incase.

Tomorrow afternoon his dentist appointment. Hopefully his orthodontist referral.


I am not sure if all those little things that have been on my mind have made me a little out of wack with dates but I seriously though Easter was this weekend, that’s why we have been madly getting everything ready.

Still bring prepared in advance is not a bad thing.

Garden Fences

Well the workmen came and fitted them the other day, do a big improvement and we can almost plant. The flowers I brought.

Last year the neighbours removed there big fur trees something we had been disagreeing about for years.

Now things have started to grow better with out them blocking the light. There is just some stumps to get rid of so 2 of the fence panels can be fitted properly.

My hubby asked them to kindly sort them because it was there trees that damaged our fences multiple times.

They weren’t very receptive to it yesterday but today they apologized and said they would sort it.

We just want it to be a safe space for our kids so they can be out side more this summer.

Got some beautiful flowers for the dinner table today love the colours.

Greek desert Reveni

The next thing we made was Reveni I love this desert it turned out so lovely

Sorry couldn’t resist trying before I took photos, it goes really nice with a cup of coffee. Easy to make semolina cake with lemon syrup. ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿคค๐Ÿ˜€


So through the diagnosis it was very stressful time, I was back and forth between doctors, hospitals and schools, I lost alot of weight and had a bad habbit of using cigarettes as a stress reliever.

When I had a health check up not long after and the cancer scare.

I made a list of five things I wanted to change no time limits on when it would happen just a list to get through.

Eating fish.

Seven fruit and veg a day.

Sorting teeth

Putting on weight

And give up smoking

First three were done with in

Months the weight has taken nearly 3 years, and the smoking that is a hard one or so I thought a big go to when really stressed , an emotional crutch,

Maybe because it was the only time I had those five minutes to myself so I could calm myself not sure but I made a decision last week to try and stop , Monday was the day, it’s going really well it hadn’t completely gone as in I still have a tiny bit just to take that feeling away but I haven’t brought any for myself since Saturday.

And it is now Thursday and I haven’t had more than 2 in this whole week so from almost 20 a day I am really rather proud of myself,

I guess it is also that social thing as well, where you spend most of your time in adult conversation.

We all have one thing that makes us less stressed I have been cleaning and cooking I stead I think my hubby is benifitting from it big time. ๐Ÿ˜€โค๏ธ

I think the next thing to work on is not laughing at very in appropriate times it’s a nervous thing, gets you some really wierd looks sometimes,

Any way I will say good night for today.

Have a beautiful evening

Much love Faye xx