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Hi all how are your Holidays going?

I am in spring clean mode , and home cooking, when you have the hustle of managing work and hospitals and schools you don’t always get the time to keep up with everything there are sometime just not enough hours in the day, you tend to make very quick meals , Or get one small job In Between those in and out the house.

I have had the added work of the book which I love.

Yesterday was the first stage of cooking the Greek food. Pasitio a pasta base with mince and topped off with a creamy sauce. We always like too eat it with fresh bread and salads, and trimmings like olives and homous and Taramasalata dips.

Fresh ingredients really inexpensive if you shop around , and it makes plenty.

I had to make a slightly different version replacing meat with Quorn mince and veg stock instead of beef.

Niki still doesn’t eat meat but for now still is ok with eggs being used in cooking.๐Ÿ˜€

Hayley and Niki Results

Today I am working with Hayley going to give her some little Easter things to do, she likes art alot.

Will be checking with doctors today for her scan results.

Plus Niki’s results should be in tommorow. Then we should know where we are as far as medication goes.

Jake immunisations and dentist

Friday Jake has his injections in the morning , so dip, tentnus and polio booster, Plus his meningitis Jabs.

He is ready to get it over with now, still there is an apprehension on wether it will be a straight in and out thing or whether the anxiety will appear, but still going, we have been preparing for months now.

Dentist in the afternoon he is ok with check ups now and at this appointment we are going to ask for that referral for the orthodontis, we have held off till he is more comfortable with dentists and while he learns to be able to be Able to not miss bits of teeth when brushing.

He is more affected now by that one tooth that is set slightly back in his mouth.

Any way that’s it for now off to work soon

Have a beautiful Day

All my love Faye xx