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Hi all how are you all today?

Easter Holiday

They have begun no school for a few weeks no rushing, there is a deep calmness and silence that has come over our house, I am enjoying the feeling, kind of funny really I have found myself not online and just this great peace in my mind, this is a time I can unravel the thoughts, take a deep breath and just be.

Jake has been working on trying new things and while they may seem to others a little to much junk food, it is still a bold start from him dealing with his own eating issues.

First her used what he learnt in his catering course at school to make scones, he even cleaned as he was working another important skill.

They were so yummy the plate soon was wiped clean , he even ate them himself, when choosing his options for GCSE this was the one subject we not only discussed as a run along side course to the big Science, Maths , English, Geography and It and Computer Science. The one I think and he thinks will have a major impact on his life. And daily living and his health.

This now even though it’s small steps sometimes backward aswell as forward. Has the ability to alter so much in his life.

He made a list of things to try and is slowly nearing the end of that first list, he said mum I want to try Chicken but first from KFC before I eat home made why I am not to sure but we gave it a go he managed three quarters and said it was passable. No refusing to eat ,no gagging just did it.

Maybe his mind and how he thinks about food is slowly changing for the positive, he said mum get you phone and Emo. This is our go to Elf to help face the tougher challenges. Oh how Emo and his gang have helped our family deal with many anxieties is hard to explain. But it works and that is a huge positive.

I still randomly leave gifts for the kids with Emo sitting next to or in it.

My kids sometimes don’t notice things but when they do there smile is so rewarding.

Niki loves Harry potter and her choose house is Hufflepuff found a little bag for her.

Britain’s Got Talent last night πŸ˜±πŸ’—πŸ‘

The Head teacher and those kids brought happy years to my eyes.

I loved the way he introduced them and the inspiring way the kids and him interacted the message behind it kids just having fun being themselves,

Creativity even though it was very busy Thier inthusiasm was a joy to watch, that is what we lose in Education by just continually testing,

Kids need that freedom to develop a sense of self to just create and play. We are all to much in a rush for our kids to be adults and independant that we seem to be losing something so innocent and so pure an undeveloped mind that is inquisitive and will go and explore and seek answers for things they have yet to learn.πŸ’—

War of the world’s

Our family love this all versions todayy hubby was playing some songs when Jake came down he started telling him about the radio version playing a tiny clip, they discussed how it was developed in music and then into film, a classic that has travelled many years and inspired others to create, Jake has spent the day researching and listerning to it.

I much prefer the written form before watching the new versions first so they can get a sense of how it was first created and how it changed over the years. Movies are great but they never really captivate you on same level as how you very first were introduced to the original.

So now I am going back to relaxing and just be.πŸ˜πŸ’—

Have a beautiful day

All my love Faye xx

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