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Hi all how are you all doing.

Today Niki broke up for Easter Holidays, Jake will follow tomorrow is his last day, we are so ready for this break, early morning school runs catch up with you by the end of term.

I guess teachers are glad of the break aswell, I love having the time to spend with kids. They need the time to relax aswell, by Niki’s return we should finally have all her blood test back.

She also has worked so well on her weight management she wasn’t large before but a little near to the top line of healthy, she excepted the doctors advise to manage that and is now at a very healthy point, that’s what it is about not size 0 or that is not healthy for her either. It is important to know and manage that side of things with her so she feels better in herself and good about herself.

For me as a mum it is all about managing and keeping my children healthy as possible, it has been easy because of the difficulties with different needs and choices when it comes to food, but that is something we talk alot about.

If I can help instill these very important lessons to then now while they are young I hope it stops them from having more difficult issues later. Preventative care.

I guess my work as a carer makes me that way aswell. I have been blessed with beautiful kids they are my world .

I wouldn’t say I am a pushy mum , in fact I am most of the time pretty laid back, I am just a mum who wants to guide them for as long as they need it, guide them towards there own independance.

I want for them what makes them happy, when you kids have anxiety or depression that is all you want that they find peace and calm environments that you can support them through the tough days and laugh with them on there good days.

And even bring a smile in the dark moments.

Things are more stable these days but pressures have changed slightly.

I know we still have exams to get through and they maybe slightly more stressful for them but they have the measures in place at school to keep the environment during the tests as calm and quite as possible slight extra time, quite rooms computers to type the longer works, or these are the things the schools have been good at.

Jake’s school and special unit did a little Easter egg hunt for the students in the base and link which was a really nice touch something so different but nice different. Jake loved it.

Another positive thing for Jake and something I am trying to not talk to much with him about is that he has just started going outside at lunch times normally he would go to base,

I always thought he should be outside getting so excersize and mixing with others but he did have a major fear of going out. It seems and it is only early days yet that he is coming up to that decision on his own.

That to me is the best news that he is finally feeling safer in the school environment to do what every other child does he is really starting to build some little friendships and is even talking about maybe spending time with some of them out of the school setting.

He did have a couple of days off poorly this term and we received a yellow warning letter about attendance but over 93 % is a good result on attendence given all Jake’s needs.

He never wants to be off school but sometimes his pain means he is.

He is still having the chest pains but is managing with the occational pain med.

End of year finances a bit shocking but will I hope improve as the year goes on so much to concider and sort sometimes. Maybe that’s why I have had a bad migraine.


One of my favorite times other than Christmas , probally the one I do the most in as well we celebrate both English and Greek Easter sometimes they are together sometimes different weeks just depends on the days the fall on this is a time where we can teach traditional Greek dishes and some of the Greek culture and learn more about the family members who are Greek.

Would be lovely if one day I may be able to take my children to visit Greece, there is so much history and family to learn about. Greek food my kids love making koulourakia, Revani,

We love to teach the old traditional English meals my Grandparents made plus the Traditional Greek food Thier Greek Grandmother makes.

These are some older photo’s

A little bit from the time I got to meet some of my husband’s Greek family they were lovely and welcoming, fun to spend time with at that time I couldn’t understand a thing they said but still managed to communicate with them when my hubby wasn’t around , I must admit it was the very first time away from my own family and I was incredibly homesick but them fourteen days in Greece gave me a taste of what it would be like to be married to someone who comes from a different back ground to me.

Very funny thing is now my daughter is now embarking on the same journey with her boyfriend from Holland and just tonight on the journey home she is practicing her Dutch. As I am finally able to continue with my Greek learning.

I am quite good at understanding it in listening and reading but as much as I have difficulty speaking in my mother tongue English I still struggle with pronouncing my Greek I am determined to get there in the end and be fluent in both. As my daughter is in Dutch. She how ever is like a sponge and learning and speaking in other languages has always been very easy for her.

Book event

It’s at he end of this month still quietly preparing and I am actually looking forward to speaking there.

Books are ready to take, speech is in process working on the bookmarks and the little gift bags.

Getting there.

Have a beautiful evening

All my love Faye xx