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Hi all hope you are doing good.

This week the work on raising awareness Jake has done at school, and his work fine tuning what is going to be shown to the non autistic students is such a big step for him.

It makes me truly proud he is starting to speak up for himself and tell others how it affects him, and others he speaks to me about the other students who also have autism, and takes a big interest in how they are treated by others too. As a mother I am highly proud that he has this inthusiasm for wanting others to understand his needs all of them.

But again for me it isn’t only something that should happen one month but always untill there is a huge change in how the understanding of autism or people who are autistic feel.

The difference in not only society but with the autistic community is vast, and there are many reasons I think for this the that are able to learn to speak for themselves while dealing with co -existing issues that may not be visible maybe sensory issues , eating disorders, anxiety, depression.

For my kids tourettes as well as issues that are more medical pcos , or hypemobility which leads to unrecognised pain, sometimes some are more sensitive pain, while other have a high pain threshold and don’t even know they have hurt themselves.

Some have self injuries, some repetertive and restrictive behaviours. Some have allergies and some have bowel and bladder problems, sleep issues, insomnia or sleep paralysis.

As you can see the list is endless and you don’t know what an individual’s life is untill you open your mind and heart to talk to them here, parents sometimes get it wrong on journeys

Some beileve it’s vaccine related something it’s diet realated.

There are misunderstandings over high functioning of low functioning .

When it comes down to it there are similarities in all families but no 2are the same .

Some have better coping mechanisms then others, some can learn and develope as they go along and some it isn’t so easy for.

Different inputs from life can have different impacts and reactions what wasn’t scary before could become scary because of another person’s behaviour.

But the most important thing for everyone is timely quick diagnosis for both female and male autistics correct support and services, safe and enclusive environments, having there voice heard, never saying they can’t without even seeing if the can.

There is so much I have learned as a mother of autistic children, but the most important thing is doing it with them not for them facing challenges together facing the fears that cause the anxieties , we may not agree with others opinions on this vast subject and there is so much more for the world to learn and appreciate about autistic people and how much they can bring to the world and what an important part they are of our society.

How they can show us a different way of seeing and doing things , compassion they have plenty, a sense of justice, passion of the things they love. I am happy to know and met many autistic people and families,

I have so much to say but can’t always think of the right words this is just my opinion and it’s ok not to agree with it.

Have a beautiful day XXX๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’—