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Hi all how has your day been.

My has been truly amazing and really relaxing, I have been very spoilt today.

The kids and my hubby made it look really special although I was up first and had to wait upstairs while they finnished getting things ready,

They truly know how to make me feel very cared for and special, Josh couldn’t be with us this weekend but he did phone and hearing his voice was all I needed.

Jake had to dash out up the shops he forgot chocolates and wanted to make sure I had some, my favourites aswell.

The flowers Jake said “dad choose and mum he didn’t go for the cheap

option “😂😂❤️ the things that come out of kids mouths sometimes.

The gifts they got for me they planned and sorted themselves.

The home made card a very special touch and I could tell Jake put alot of effort in, that’s what he didn’t want me to see on Friday when he finnished school😀😍💗

But today isn’t all about me as a mother, I am a daughter and daughter in-law too my Mum

My Mum over the years has been a truly amazing mum not only to her own kids, but those who have lived with her and those she looked after when we were young, always our house was full to the brim with children. She goes the extra mile for everyone, and we have all been blessed to have her as a mum.❤️❤️

She is also and amazing Grandmother to my kids and my brother’s children.

Always helping us all over the years, without fail, and putting up with all the rubbish we sometimes send her way.

Thanks Mum I love you.xxx

Then there is my Greek mother,

My mother in-law has been a great friend over the years, and also has helped, sometimes with food and other things Greek mother’s do.

She is strong willed stubburn, fun , she makes me laugh and sometimes cry, but she means well. Sometimes a little stuck in her ways . But over the last couple of years has had to come to terms and try to understand many things about Jake and Niki’s issues.

She has tried to adjust to the children’s was and seeing her dabbing with the kids was so very funny.

Love you too Mum xx

Then today as my mum could not travel down I took some flowers to the cemetery for my gran and grandad

This is my Nanu

She was a beautiful talented woman , strong, smart , caring, loving mother grandmother and great grandmother .

My grandad pickles loved her till his last day, she safely passed away from cancer the same year as my daughter Amy , I forgot to say that the day I left the hospital, was the day after my Nanu had the operation to remove the cancer but it sadly spread and she left us before Christmas in 1996, just before her golden wedding anniversary.

My grandparents were amazing.

So this is also for my aunty’s Neice’s cousins and all those with out there child to celebrate or without there mother to hug today they may not be here but we will always have them with us. ❤️❤️

Have the very best day

My hubby made this photo

Good night

All my love Faye XX