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Hi all just got back to Tom’s Hotel and while Niki has gone off with him and his friends I am sitting here recharging not only my phone battery but myself before the Journey home, had a lovely day out with Niki, Tom and his friends.

We walked alot was a struggle at the end for Niki but we got to visit all there favorite places and some new ones, Niki’s brother Josh sent some money through for her birthday and she got a new pop figure a frog for her collection, Tom got her a wand from the really cool Harry potter shop, and we had just enough ourselves for this cutetist Teddie in the Disney store think it was from lilo and snitch, any way it was on sale so even better.

Seeing Niki smile and speak with new people was great, it was worth the day out to get some beautiful photos of her, I think my legs are truly dead from all the walking don’t think we will have any issues sleeping tonight.

We are leaving here for journey home in about an hour can’t wait to get home see my hubby and Jake and just chill.

Some wonderful creative and fun things to look out ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ’—

As you can see I have one very happy young daughter today, a smile is worth many miles of walking.

A laugh , happy chatter some of the important things that truly matter.

I am happy to be a bystander in her life for ever how long she needs or wants me to be .

Good night has a blessed and peaceful sleep.

Much love Faye xx