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Hi all how has your day gone?

Printer issues

My goodness wireless printers a bit of a night mare , well ours is connection issues posed a huge problem today, πŸ€”

It was already set up on all our devices but refused to see it, then when we finally connected and go to print it says can’t find printer. Who would have thought it would take the best part of the day to sort.

It is only six months old , finally get it sorted only to run out of ink I only purchased more about 2 weeks ago.

Most of it was wasted because it didn’t print all of a border ,sometimes missing on one side other times the bottom. πŸ‘Ž Maybe it’s the mischievous Elves πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ still finally managed to print the document I needed in the end good job my hubby isn’t defeated by it and persivered, if I had to do it myself it wouldn’t be in the house right now.

I guess Niki’s picture says it all

The documents were self explanatory, but may not be with out drama to do.

Maybe I should use the zen feature on Niki’s Wii fit , deep breaths .πŸ˜‰

Still not much more I can do over the weekend now.

Tomorrow trip to the capital London here we come.

We were supposed to go up three days in a row while Tom is back over here. But funds were slightly lacking this month, so unfortunately we had to make Niki choose just one day, she did try to squeeze tonight into but sometimes it just can’t be done, Joys of being an adult making tough choises.

They get to visit some of there favorite places , they will definatley be toy stores , comic shops transformers I have no doubt.😜 but also alot of walking, Niki has been having a few issues with her hip lately and is using a stick as she thinks it helps, maybe something that needs to be checked again last time she saw hyper mobility doctor was in 2016 when they said she had it. It used to be her knee giving way always the left side she has most issues with.

She got the walking stick herself the other day, has little cats on it and some of the proceeds go to animal shelters. Something that helps her and animals at the same time 😻

Hayley’s scan

This was her first ever scan, and it was really useful showing her the video of what they ask you to do in the scan like holding breath, rolling over, breathing out . She didn’t find it uncomfortable or funny so that is really good she get tickelish sometimes especially on her sides.

She followed the doctors instructions beautifully, they scan her liver then asked if she had ever had a kidney scan before which of course was a no.

They did say the liver looked fine didn’t say anything about kidneys being fine but I guess that is something to wait till the results are sent through to doctors should be back in ten days.

With Hayley she has an extremely high pain threshold so you really only know if she is in real pain like when she broke her wrists, or the other day some silly person threw a glass and it hit her on the head, thankfully it didn’t brake, just gave her a little lump. I don’t know why people do such silly things like that, or why the person was allowed to stay in the pub I wasn’t with her at the time or I would of sorted it. She now doesn’t want to go back there and it is something she really enjoyed doing and made many friends there.

She loved the bands and kareokee. Guess we will have a look for somewhere else. For a while see how it goes I don’t want her to fear places.


Jake is having a dad and Jake day, my hubby is on kungfu duty and taking Jake for his visual health check they have finally got the machine back now it broke down in November so really want this check done. The optician did say it was important. And to make sure it was done as soon as machine was fixed.

Lead up to Easter holiday’s

Not long now and we have a few weeks brake from early morning school runs, rush hour traffic, and back and forth running around.

Can’t wait to relax with the kids, and get baking a mixture of English and Greek the kids love making koulourakia, dying the eggs, oh and Easter egg hunt they maybe older and don’t eat much chocolate any more but still a family tradition.

Me and my hubby come up with sad rhymes and clues make them run all the place to find there eggs.

Most of them don’t get eaten last year we donated the ones they didn’t eat to the local springboard project for there children’s egg hunt.

I have said before the kids hate surprises and I like them they have done something for mother’s Day for me and keep trying to make me have it now, but I am making them wait.

It isn’t mother’s Day till SundayπŸ’—πŸ˜

As I am writing this they are upstairs being extremely loud Jake has spots Niki wants to pop them , to much doctor pimple popper, she gets fascinated watching those bids that pop up in your Facebook page or the show on telly 😰🀒

It’s really rather gross. Especially as it’s on the side of his nose he is just at that age, and also is a bit squeamish and low pain threshold i am kind of surprised he even let Niki near him to do it. Yep they are my kids you will probally find alot about there personalities as I talk more about them.

They are fab kids, and make me smile alot

Have a beautiful weekend

Much love Faye XXπŸ’—