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Yesterday’s trip

It started so early Jake set his alarm for 5am we were going to leave for the journey to Birmingham comic com convention.

The kids woke up early I tried to ignore the loud buzzing and flashing red light which came from Jake’s Spiderman alarm plus the loud banging of the doors and cupboards as the kids were getting ready.๐Ÿ˜

Sometimes they have no concept of time, the fact our house joins onto our neighbours and they want a weekend sleep in. On a plus note they didn’t have to be repeatedly called which for me happens every school day. Now I know just how annoying it must be to them ๐Ÿ˜‚.

We are always over prepared our own packed lunches not only saves the meltdowns over what foods when eating out but saves money too.

The first aid kits stocked with all sorts of plasters bandages, and things incase of emergency. Pain meds , medicines that are now part of Niki’s daily routine.

Water bottles many , changes of clothes, the dress up outfits. Made to the best of our ability, have to be very specific , get it wrong and anxiety will be high.

The oil,water,tyres, checked and a full tank of petrol all done the day before to insure a smooth as possible journey. I am hoping the kids cope in the car for such a long drive and to be honest they were angles and were even helping with reading the road signs and Sat Nav.

I am so glad I paid for priority parking it was so close to the event entrance that when I need Jake to get some air when he was getting over anxious with his costume and the crowds. We just went and sat in the car for a while had a drink and some food let him chill before returning.

Niki had Tom so they independantly

Went round the event and messaged and met us a certain spots to just say I am cool, it was after all her birthday choise.

It was a lovely day out and getting to show Niki and Jake where Thier big brother lived was great aswell all meeting up to go to together.

Here are some pics from the event

Even superman has to get money from cash point.

Fabulous memories made, Jake even one a computer competition, he one a Minecraft sword. ๐Ÿ˜

It also made him feel great when others asked for a picture with him he loves Tokyo Ghoul ,infact he has just finished reading the first books.

We ended up leaving here at 6.20am and arriving at my oldest son’s in Birmingham about 9.40 with only short stops on the way.

Journey home was great aswell leaving at about 6pm and arriving at 9.30 we stopped at the first service station everyone was hungry but no Mc D’s so had to drive about 100 miles before we stopped to eat. Couldn’t wait to get home for food. Hungry young people’s .

We were all so tired from the day we crashed as soon as we got home, I said to Jake turn alarm off we can sleep in, it’s Sunday and no school tommorrow.

But this morning 8am that same loud buzzing and bright flashing red light woke me up. Didn’t wake anyone else just me. I can never get back to sleep once I am awake doesn’t matter what time. I guess I should look at it positively as I was awake all my washing and ironing has been completed another tick off the list of things to do, even managed to dry to loads on the line out side instead of using all the electrical in one go. Yay me ๐Ÿ˜€

Sunday Home work Grr hegerty maths

Anxiety causing, Jake has been trying bless him, I tried and let me say my mind went mush how these kids cope with these online maths lessons ๐Ÿ˜ฐ

One phone call to big brother and Jake understood it. Me however am not a fan of online homework apps don’t always work or the way they put the questions makes it more difficult.

It isn’t the first time Jake has had trouble trying to use this app.

He much prefers the old sheet sent home style finds it easy to do for some reason he has spoken to his teacher explaining his difficulty with it and also we have written letters aswell.

I was speaking to another mum at the school the other day who son is also autistic and has alot of anxiety with the online homework app. So it isn’t only Jake. That it causes anxiety for.

Maths used to be something he enjoyed from a young age his favorite subject. But now the cause of a lot of his anxiety.

Back to discuss it with his maths teacher to see if we can find a better solution for Jake’s sake , it is hard for him to face the teacher the next day if he doesn’t understand something he feels very embarrassed by it.

Any way that’s all for today

Speak soon

All my love Faye ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ˜