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Hi all how is your day today,?

Today was the day Tim arrived Niki was bubbling with excitement and nerves, “what if he don’t like me” you know simple reminders like he has travelled all day , a long journey to visit you you bet he still likes you.๐Ÿ˜€

These are slightly hidden anxieties Niki has another one this evening when I walked ahead to car it was a little dark but I wasn’t far in front she ran and jumped in the car “what if someone kidnapped me” I am her it would never happen. She is very head strong an independant but still these little things worry her still. Maybe it’s because her eyesight or just she doesn’t like the dark I am not sure could even be a combination of both.

It happened at the shop the other day when I went in to get something for dinner she waited in the car, right opposite the shop I made the mistake of sitting down while I waited I could see her she couldn’t see me.

When I got back in the car she said I was about to phone dad to come I couldn’t see you. It had suddenly gone a little darker outside but was only half 4in the evening.

She will get a bus home in summer but come winter mum can you pick me up it’s dark and I’m cold.โค๏ธ

Others don’t neccasserily see this and even though she is 19 on Wednesday.

We are not fully over some of these anxieties.

Still it was such a lovely sight when thier eyes met across the crowded airport, the smile that suddenly appeared Niki’s cheeks Turing a slight shade of plum.

I was trying to think what to get Tom for his birthday as he not long turned 21. Very tricky but the ticket for the comic con and then something I concider special a key to our home only my hubby myself and our children have one, because it’s a trust thing. Giving him trust to our home and that we trust him with our girl. He earned it easily from the moment we met him. He fitted in to our kind of wacky family.butost importantly he has brought my daughter out of her shell and installed a confidence In her the was lacking during her really tough school years.

She really is blossoming into a beautiful young adult.

Jake is still having pains in his chest and getting breathless but is trying to work through it with a pain killer to take the edge off pain so he can cope at school think it isn’t going to go away that quick.

He is happy that Tom is here to still hovering around close to his sister, spent the evening in his room, think he just wants to be the protective brother. There bond is strengthening to where it was before diagnosis,they are more aware of what triggers each other now so back down before it gets to far. That takes time, though and a heck of alot of patience.๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜€

The book

Moved even further down the list of re-publishing should not be very long now, but I have to get places to remove the last edition first because it is unavailable because publishers are not allowed to trade now they have liquidated. I have a deeper understanding now how much work it actually takes from all sides to publish a book. I really want to make sure I don’t all the eyes and cross all the t’ s this time before it goes live.

I took a short course on self publishing today and aced it which means my brain is actually retaining the info it needs even if I think it has, plus it doesn’t hurt to get someone you trust to check over things, my hubby did this for me today, he is so intelligent anyway, so I value his input alot.

It will be a little nerve racking to see the book dissapear even if it is for. Short while.

Tom and Mum

My lovely mum is down as well she is looking after Holly and Ellie, while little Tom has his op , he settled in well at the hospital and tommorrow is the op day, going to be hard not to thinking about him being on the operating table. Realy not nice for his mum or dad to considering what caused his disability in the first place.

The adaptions to thier home so it meets Tom’s needs are almost complete and other than he will be able to sit at the kitchen table or counter and join in with the others.

Amy way that’s all for tonight.

Many thanks Faye