Tonight was so beautiful to see the moon In all its Glory, the way the clouds lit up to see a glimpse of what it was trying to hide . The picture unfortunately doesn’t show the whole view, the white glow broke up by the grey shadows which looked like a shocked face , trying to say oh.

A halo surrounding it, looking so close but so far at the same time.

I was glad to be able to share that beautiful sight with my hubby, him taking a photo for me.

Utter stillness In the air, a silence except for the sound of the phone’s camera clicking noise as I gazed at the screen on the phone, “there” I said.

I have watched many programs that have sharper clearer pictures that show the details our photo doesn’t show but they never can compete with seeing it first hand with your own eyes.

I have learnt to appreciate details around me whether it’s the moon a slug climbing up our recycle bin.

The first buds of flowers grown with care.

The first eruption of vegetables my hubby planted in our small vegetable patch.

The way he painted the play house. I often wonder why I forgot to notice these little things for so long, and how other things took more control over my thoughts.

Buy in all fairness our life has been so hectic over the years, taking one day at a time was all I could really do.

No 2 days the same , different situations, and demands. Life is sometimes not our own to just breath, to be free of outside Influence and constraints.

Thier are so many things to regret not doing in the past, that maybe sometimes now we feel maybe to late Todo but reality is that anything can change at a moment’s notice.

The boundaries are life we put Thier ourselves sometimes to protect our weary souls, the essence of who we were, who we are now right at this moment. Something silently in the back ground saying do reach to far don’t go for different or beileve in the new, we crave stability and surface normality.

What is out there is unknown territory could be bad but even more importantly could be amazing.

I am Open minded about things I can’t see I have a sense that gets really heightened at many different times,

Is it intuition or deja vu sorry if some things are still spelt wrong. I sometimes get the feeling I have heard a conversation word for word before not just the conversation but the visual that goes with even the tiny little details.

It happens more then I would like to say, maybe I just live In a very repetitive world. I have a Sence just before the phone rings of who it will be and if it is something good or not.

I feel it sometimes I say to my hubby I don’t want to answer the phone but 9 times out of ten I will, and it is confirmed.

How can one glimpse of the moon bring these thought into my head and a tingling in my heart.

maybe it is simple just 2 words. Seperated but intertwined at the same time. (LOVE, HIM)

My thoughts are there a lot. They don’t diminish as we grow infact it seems to draw me closer and deeper each day.

I am such a soppy person, but it makes me free, freedom to express self without constraint, Without fear,

Very much like before I was married to him. What drew me to him I’m the very beginning.