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Hi all how is your Sunday going ?

I am so relaxed today got to spend one on one time with Jake we went to get birthday presents for Niki he chose such perfect ones for her, he even helped me choose an outfit for the author event, which was sweet.

It was funny when he said not that one mum he said mum listen you have your chooses I am here to give you dad’s perspective on what he would think looks nice on you, I love that. Sometimes I am unsure what is good or not. I tried it on when I got home to show the all and as my hubby turned round Jake have me a big thumbs up with that cheeky smile.

I kind of like plain colours, Jake likes flowers on dresses but I choose a love pink. I am not really big on wearing jewelry other than my rings my hubby. Brought but got a little bit of bling to just cover the colour bone still a little to thin there for my liking .

The best thing is I have now got up to a healthy weight 8st 9 it was hard to achieve and took 2 years. But better than 6st just really starting to notice the difference over the last couple of weeks.

We also spent some time in the local book shop so Jake can choose some more books, was a hard choise for h so we stopped in Thier delightful little coffee shop and discussed it a little more.

With it being St Patrick’s Day today and having Irish family members Jake choose some new props for the elves.

We also got the outfit for Jake to wear to comic con next weekend. Have to add the finishing touches .my self as we couldn’t order the official one in time.

This week ahead

Our Niki’s birthday week, can’t believe another year has passed do quickly 19 wow my little spitfire is all grown up, tomorrow her boyfriend Tom is arriving from Holland she is so excited he will be here this year to celebrate with her and we are all looking forward to having him stay again, he is an important part of our Niki’s life he treats her well and they have such a beautiful friendship as well as dating.

My husband is my best friend too, it’s great to have that person who is totally honest with you good or bad doesn’t lie. Straight up and direct this is important for strengthening things.

Any way wishing you a beautiful Sunday much love Faye xxx