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Hi all hope your weekend has started off great❤️😀

Red Nose Day , it’s a funny one this year something set up so positive to help others yet not advertised like it normally would be due to Brexit dominating the news or the papers.

Many schools who used participate with the kids getting excited to dress up and take part in helping to raise money for really important causes.

Such a shame I hope they raised as much as they normally would if not more, We took part in our own little way.

Then I though it was time to sort my hair out back to natural colour less maintenance, always been difficult to go back dark because little Jake always new me to have blond hair, he used to say “mum I won’t be able to fined you in the playground”😀 bless him but he likes it so it’s all good.

Night shift

Work last night was super fun, the kids were AWSOME , seeing little Tom open his new books and reading them to him was the best thing ever he loved them all we got through 3 last night before he went into a deep sleep.

Holly and Ellie were so relaxed and enjoyed the selfies they like the filters.

We got up to all sorts of mischief

The other side not so obvious of work☺️

I am just one of Tom’s carers and it isn’t all just fun little Tom has cerebral palsy in four limbs ,he also has a little peg in his tummy for medicines and nourishment. This young man has had Botox in his legs, and this week will have an Operation to lengthen the ligaments in his legs, it round the clock care. He has epilepsy and has been having seizures. It’s physio and always having to upgrade his equiptment so it fits his needs.

It’s learning new technology so he can communicate and live as normal life as possible. It is hospital appointments and unexpected stays there.

But he has this truly marvolus happy personality that melts your heart.

His smile just is warm and giving.


This morning we finished reading all the new books. He was laughing so much.

Holly was already for football this morning naturally gifted player and really dedicated to it too

This morning on returning home to my own little family the house was so quite the kids and hubby fast asleep,

I used my time wisely before they woke and brought the tickets for comic con next weekend we are all so excited, obviously there is a little of extra we have to do for planning this year because of the long journey a d the fact that it is a busy place to go due to the kids anxiety and sensory stuff But I already planned a head and pre-booked a parking space really close. It is a huge must for us as they can tired irritable at the end of the day and it will be a long journey home too. They are so much older now and I am Prepared plus my oldest son will be there too as it is on near him 😀😀


I have put in my forms for this through I company and it it not really a pleasant experience , for a few reasons they ask you to remember details from many years ago I a can’t even remember where I put keys sometimes, and I am not the best at talking on the phone it gives anxiety I get so flustered I can’t get my words out. Plus they speak fast and read from a list it feels like you are being interigated I anwsered the to the best of my knowledge. Let me tell you they are as pushy as those selling the policies. Feel Pressured alot same as when I took it out. Sometimes I just need a little extra time to process facts. Also my brain likes to lock away things I find unpleasant , just letting me remember the good, these last few years so much information has been given to me I haven’t had time to store it in an organised way.

I just wanted to have a peaceful Saturday.👎😡

Anyway that’s all really for today

Have a good one I Going to chill now