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Huntington’s disease
Not spoken about as much as
Alzheimer’s , Dementia Or even Cancer
It may not also be as previlant as the three above or affects as many families .
But it has a huge impact on our family.
Not just one but generations.
It can’t be a taboo subject, anymore.
It’s important to share and talk about how it affects your loved ones , yourselves.
All of these issues are devasting for those that live with it every day.
There are faces behind the diagnosis, there are indevidual personalities that are changed by it.
To watch and not be able to pause or rewind the illness or stop the progression sometimes slowly others faster.
The cure for Huntington’s is closer than it was before but it hasn’t come fast enough to help some of our loved ones.

The feelings so many feel, anger is one of the biggest Why our family out of all the families in the world. (I wouldn’t wish this on any other family)

Neuro degenerative disease
Time line
No cure yet


Web result with site links
Huntington’s Disease Association

Carer support
Huntington’s Disease | Family Caregiver …
https://www.caregiver.org › huntington’s…


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