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Hi all how are you today, first before I talk about the book, I will tell you of a technique I use with my kids and with Hayley who I care for.


So Hayley managed to swallow her giant tablet in one go no need to cut it in half, so today I sat her down and spoke to her about her up coming scan she has to have, she hasn’t had one before so was feeling worried about what to expect, this is the good bit, where technology comes in handy.

YouTube yes the use of uploaded video’s by medical professionals,

I use this with my kids when they have to have tests done because they can see and hear what to expect at an appointment, we found a great one on scans of liver today it showed how they asked you to breath or move it shows the equipment and the gel they put on the tummy.

Being prepared before hand lowers anxiety , better then turning up and melting down because it’s new and a scary.

I did this for Jake when he had an MRI and put the sound up so he could get used to the noise, aswell as see the machine and how you have too lay still.

This was hard for him but he managed it well and was awake when it happened. Most of the time the time

It’s the anticipation that builds the fear not knowing if it will hurt or not.

Big tip don’t lie if it will trust will be lost striaght away, that is something hard to rebuild, I learned that lesson a long time ago.

Don’t let anyone hold them , unless it is an absolute emergency. Have there favorite snack ready for after, plus a drink. A comfort toy or fiddle toy if they are allowed it in the room.

Technology for waiting area incase the appointment is running behind.

I would rather be over prepared, then not have something that can ease there appointment.

May seem an unusual way of doing it

But it has been a life saver in times when we need to go to hospitals , better for them, better for parents and also better for doctors, our appointments take such a shorter time now.๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘

Comic relief rednoseday2019

Hayley went and got her comic relief things for next Friday, she loves the fact it is Mickey Mouse things this year so brought one of everything .

But I don’t want her to just buy without understanding what it is all about so we looked things up on the computer together to learn what people do to raise money for it, and where the money goes and who it helps.

She loves helping others alot.


My husband and I are working on new marketing material ready for author event and book realse.

Plus I am going to be giving a 20 minute talk at event , shocking I know

But I got this now all I have to do is write and practise.

And record myself , be my own critic ๐Ÿ˜€

Things are getting busy and to that point of no return on this new and journey to publishing a different experience all over again, accept it is all down to me no Publisher to do the details this time.

I am more than ready feeling fresh and revieved , and maybe a little stressed but sometime that’s good it kicks in my determination to prove to myself I really can.

Good evening

All my love Faye xxx

Also I am adding some of my favorite black and white photos take of the years