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There was drama for the Farmers this afternoon , school run disaster a blown back tyre, on a main road with Jake in the car thankfully at low speed I was able to put the car on the grass verge safely off the road got Jake out car went to phone my hubby to help as wasn’t far from home, why is it these times your phone battery suddenly runs out, and who’s idea was it to remove the old fashioned telephone boxes (genius) that one.

So had to walk the ten minutes with Jake back to my house to go get Nik.

I also had to call my dad to come and be here when Hayley got home from day center, and message Niki to say she may have to make her own way home.

Nik ever my hero the one who has been rescuing me for near on the whole 25 years we have been married.

He sprang into action with his trusted tools and block of wood because the grass verge I was parked on withy hazzards still flashing, was slightly soggy. It isn’t that I couldn’t change a tyre my self it was just being on a very busy main road with a child who gets anxious about safety is not the best place to be in.

My dad arrived and for once he took his car out of his parking space to drop us off at the car and go and grab Niki when she finished. He took the kids and Hayley back to his. Till we sorted it.

When I first pulled up on that verge everyone just drove passed carryong on with there own day.

The only time someone stopped and asked if I needed help was when my hubby was fixing it. It was nice of them to offer though ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

Picking Niki and Jake up from dad’s after and then having to drive them home slightly hyper. Was an experience. But not as bad as it used to be when my old car had a tendency of breaking down right in middle of school runs.

Yes this is pretty much my days or at least one hour of it.

Still we got through it in hurt, and can look on it slightly thankful was just a mini drama .

There was one other thing though while walking from the car to our home Jake lost his footing on a wet not of grass and fell over in the most dramatic way don’t worry though nothing damaged did make the cars driving pass laugh as well as me and him took some of the stress away.

My kids are slowly getting used to last minute changes to there scedual they really don’t have a choise in this family.

So a big thanks to my Night I’m shining armour Nik today X๐Ÿ˜€โค๏ธ

As usual you always are there when it matters