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Hi all how has your weekend been,


Work double night shift, normally I do one night shift a week usually a Friday so my weekends are free to spend with my husband and kids,

Friday it was Hayley and Saturday this weekend that just ended was with Tom , Holly and Ellie. Good and slightly challenging shift started on a negative ended on a positive .πŸ˜€πŸ€—

The least said the better .

It wasn’t the kind of shift that we are all happy and jolly more about talking about the other emotions 😀😱😞

Still frowns were turned upside down and I left them with smiles on there. facesπŸ˜πŸ’—

Sunday , Book and relaxation

Upon returning home, Nik had my coffee waiting for me and his computer out ready to help get the book sorted for re-publishing edits done, adjustments made, while I really research the next step and raise the funds for new ISBN and barcodes ready for uploading again, having his extra help and that other set of eyes looking at it helped alot.

We are a huge step closer now. I am reading the small print on everything before I put it out there again.

This was one of the reasons I went with publishers before, being a first time author I didn’t know the industry or all the different parts of it.

Now I am more aware and learning more as every day passes it won’t be such a risk either financially or in my work as an author.

I know I got this, I know even if the support is quitely in the background, it is there and they are helping without doing it all for me , because I am more capable them others realise sometime, it is only slight tecnicle things I need support with while I. Learning it for myself.

So I real big thanks for the background help πŸ’—πŸ˜ and for putting up with me .

The rest of the weekend was feet up relaxing definatley needed that recharge of energy.


We have Hayley’s blood test results now, she is to have her first scan, to check her liver, how she will cope that is something we don’t know it’s unchartered territory, she hasn’t had one before, but I think now she just wants to know, why? She is still sticking to her new eating plan so this will be of huge benefit to her health going forward.


She has been on the meds for a little over a week and no side affects this is really good, her other blood test hasn’t come back yet so that’s a still wait and see.

Work and Home

This is something that is a big thing in both these areas person centered health and care, emotional understanding, and better mental health .

One person uplifting the other to do this and motivating the changes they each need to make for Thier own health.


Jake has drawn his own list for things to try , tommorow pancake Day this is what he was talking to try first, just plain to start with, then in a week he wants to try it with something on.

It is these little steps of giving him control over his food they may break this eating problem for him, and because it is his problem he needs to be the one to change how he interacts with food.

That is what I think it will take to overcome his issues with food.

Many thanks

Have a beautiful day

Love Faye


The kids thought it was funny the chair sounded like a whoppy cushion πŸ˜‚